Clinic in Honjo

Honjo-city, Saitama, Japan
Different painting of exterior walls that takes advantage of the beauty of the existing architecture
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Clinic renovation and new housing
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
West side where drive-through treatment is available for infected patients
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Waiting room with good visibility and a warm atmosphere
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
The waiting area near by emergency entrance and EV hall
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Floor color changed between Indoor shoes and Outer shoes
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
2nd floor hallway with a calm atmosphere
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Newly enlarged hospital room
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Executive room at the north end, close to the garden and night shift room
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Operating room equipped with the latest equipment
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Nursing care department that takes advantage of the familiarity of the former living room
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Exterior night view
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Aisaka Architects Atelier
Honjo-city, Saitama, Japan

Rotational renovation of private facilities for local medical and nursing care

Renovation of a suburban general clinic. After investigating the seismic resistance of the existing RC building, the facilities were renewed, a lift was added, barrier-free access was provided, the habitability of the inpatient wards was improved, functionality was improved by moving the nurses' station and staff waiting room, and a nursing department including a home-care station and support centre was added in a rolling renovation that did not stop medical treatment for even a short period of time.

The exterior of the building was redesigned by painting the eaves, stairwells and new lift building in four monotone colours to make use of the beauty of the original architectural form. It was not just an increase in floor space, but a meticulous re-planning of flow lines and rearrangement of the layout, such as organising staff flow lines and upper and lower floors, and utilising the warmth and friendliness of the living room area where the director and his family had previously lived in the nursing care area.

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