Zhelin Community Center

Fengxian, China, 2023

The project is situated in Zhelin New Town of Fengxian District, Shanghai. The overall layout follows a spatial strategy made also by INC...

Ningbo Creative Ports - Phase I Building

Ningbo, China, 2022

This project retrofits an old warehouse on the riverbank to the new function of exhibition, cultural, and sales center. It is located on ...

Ningbo One Hour Loop

Ningbo, China, 2019

Instead of suggesting an enclosed pedestrian circuit, the initiative evolves around implementing an open system. It connects and coordina...

Ningbo Creative Ports - pilot area

Ningbo, China, 2019

This project is the pilot area of Ningbo Creative Ports, a 10-kilometer-long industrial waterfront in centre city Ningbo to be redevelope...

Ningbo Jiangbei Core Area

Ningbo, China, 2018

The site is situated at the immediate north side of the Three Rivers Joint, a symbolic geographical center of the city Ningbo. Recently, ...

Suzhou High Gardens

Suzhou, China, 2018

A NEW CITY CONNECTIVITY The city of Suzhou is worldwide famous for its gardens and network of water canals and traditional commercial ro...

Zhelin Community Service Center

Shanghai, China, 2018

Zhelin Administration and Community Service Center Building is located in Zhelin New Town of Fengxian District in suburb Shanghai. The cu...

Liantang & West Qingpu Area

Shanghai, China, 2015


Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Center Lake Park Facilities

Ningbo Hangzhou Bay, China, 2015

A universal formal language is set to deal with park facilities of varied sizes and functions. It consists a basic module system of 3 met...

Nanjing Hongfeng Tech Park, Plot A1

Nanjing, China, 2014


Space created by Light and Wind

Beijing / Taichung / Washington DC, 2011

Space created by Light and Wind The Chinese artist Lei Yixin designed the newly opened Martin Luther King Memorial at the Nat...

Cixi Culture & Business District

Cixi, China, 2008

Cixi is located at the northeast part of Zhejiang Province. The urban space of the city appears in a low density and non-single-center mo...

JD Tower

Shanghai, China, 2006

Building Type: Office Tower Design/Completion: 2004/2005 Total Floor Area: 20,000sqm Collaborating Of...

Shanghai LDV Building

Shanghai, China, 2006

Building Type: Office/Residence Complex Design/Completion: 2004/2006 Total Floor Area: 20,000sqm Coll...

Wulongtan Resort Hotel

Ningbo, China, 2006

Building Type: Resort Hotel Design/Completion: 2003/2006 Total Floor Area: 5,500sqm Building Address:...

Jiaxing New City

In this urban design project commissioned by developer Shimao, a vision of slow pace city at the portal to high speed train route was pre...

Pudong Waterfront

Pudong, China

Project Type: Urban Design Competition Total Land Area: 618,500sqm Description: The folded anti-flood wall is des...

South Tai Lake Strategic Planning


Project Type: Strategic Planning Total Land Area: 500sqkm Collaborating offices: KUU, Yale Urban Design Workshop