Lake House

Kreuzau, Germany

What happened so far

Frank Lohner, Jens Voss and Frank Holschbach decided as students to run a architecture office some day in the future. After the succesfull graduation from universität gesamthochschule siegen (germany) we collected several working expericences or continued with further master studies. In august 2003 the time was right to start the office for gestaltung in cologne. In the beginning there where 4 partners, that is why there are 4 letters in our name. Sadly one H left the company but we are still good friends. Common interests such as art, graphicdesign, productdevelopment and pop musik effects our architectural work and allows further workingfilds besides buildinglaws and Ernst Neufert.

Competences: Architecture | Reorganization | Temporary Architecture | Interior Design, Lighting Design | Exhibition + Set Design | Furniture + Consumer Products

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