Master plan for Jinan New Town and urban design for the core area of Chahui

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Fuzhou, China

Fuzhou is located in the southeast coast of China, north Yangtze River delta, south Chu Chiang Delta and with Taiwan across the sea. As the centre city docking Taiwan it plays a vital role in promoting the economic construction of the strait western region. This project is in the east of Fuzhou and the centre of the Jinan new city, an important constituent part of the center, Fuzhou, and an important additional regional of service function of the main city, Fuzhou and has many outstanding ecological resources.

In the background, that the inner core function of the central city transfers to outside und the Jinan new city is being in construction, this project put the connecting with the surrounding city function, developing public life and special industry as the core purpose and urban TOD leading, open green heart and vitality green corridor as the concept. We will integrate life, culture, leisure, business, wellness and sports and ecological landscape and the core area of tea party is built into a show gateway of external city in eastern of Fuzhou and urban living room, a model of coexist and –prosper public space between nature and urban, Fuzhou and a diversified leisure service function center of office and commercial.

Planning area

Fuzhou Urban and Rural Planning Bureau

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