Met Architektur GmbH

Koop. Planungsverfahren Campagne-Reichenau

Innsbruck, Austria, 2018

Das 8.4 Ha grosse Gebiet am Rande von Innsbruck soll zu einem verdichteten Stadtteil mit Schwerpunkt Wohnen, Grünflächen und Infrastruktu...

CORE Architects Inc.


Whitby, Canada, 2022

This 10 tower mixed use development is situated on two parcels of land and will feature towers ranging from 12 – 33 storeys, that will be...


Spoorzone Dordrecht

Dordrecht, Netherlands, 2020-2040

Beautifully situated in the heart of nature found in the Dutch Delta, Dordrecht is also a city of innovation, trade, maritime industry an...

Superimpose Architecture

The Curve

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The vibrant, eclectic and street-scale city characteristics of Phnom Penh, with remnants of colonial heritage architecture and urban desi...

Superimpose Architecture

Yingtai Campus

Shenzhen, China

Superimpose was invited to participate in the competition for a mixed-use masterplan for a former factory area in Long Hua, Shenzhen. The...

Superimpose Architecture

The Skygardens

Hangzhou, China

Superimpose Architecture proposed an elegant office development design with floating 'skygardens' for the Huanglong central district Hang...

Superimpose Architecture


Nanping, China

Superimpose and LEAP won the invited masterplan tender as a consortium for Greentown Associated Fund Platform for a new financial town al...

Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners

Empire State Trail

USA, Ongoing

In 2017, Starr Whitehouse teamed with C+G Partners and ALTA Planning + Design to create design guidelines for New York State’s ambitious ...

Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners

A Vision for a Resilient East Harlem

New York, USA, 2018

A Vision for a Resilient East Harlem is a year-long visioning project with NYC Parks and the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency to...

raumplan wirz gmbh

Zukunftsbild Arth Goldau

Arth-Goldau, Switzerland, seit 2017

Der Entwicklungsschwerpunkt Arth-Goldau soll als regionaler Schwerpunkt verdichtet werden. Aufbauend auf einer Analyse der Siedlungs- und...

Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners

The Big U: Rebuild by Design

New York, New York, USA, 2014

Starr Whitehouse teamed with BIG Architects for HUD’s Rebuild by Design competition. The Big U, the team’s mega-scaled vision for protect...

Chiara Catani


Shirè, Ethiopia

From camp to city, from shelter to Home Is there an alternative to the infinite multitude of tents that make up the typical image of a r...

Miguel Carrasco

Dead space

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rethinking the Role of Cemeteries in Urban Contexts Urban cemeteries often represent a rupture in the tissue of contemporary cities. Exp...

Ludovic Gaffarel

The Post-Brexit customs

Rotterdam, Netherlands

An Infrastructure : Territorial - Intensity - Form At the end of the Rhine, on the periphery of Rotterdam, stands Hoek van Holland. Sinc...

Seva Yurchenko , Sonja Draskovic

Forensics of Grenfell

London, Great Britain

An Inquiry into the Ethics of Demolition The project analyses the photographic footage of the tragic event of the Grenfell Tower fire th...

Luca Petrányi

Vulnerable Architecture as Ephemeral Fossil

Gunung Merapi, Selo, Boyolali, Indonesia

A Ritual Tour on Merapi volcano Creating vulnerable architectural forms on purpose is equal with meaninglessness that is not on the pale...

Edvardas Bukota

Conditions and Contradictions on the Furka Pass

Furkapass, Switzerland

A never-ending transformation A landscape of hostility. A place of change. A space of contradiction. A structure of isolation and openne...



Bremen, Germany, 2018-2030

Now that Kellogg’s has departed, the Überseeinsel (Overseas Island) is being built in Bremen on a peninsula site of about 41 hectares bet...


Masterplan Ziegelei Quartier

Berg, Switzerland, 2023



Rathausblock Dragonerareal

Berlin, Germany, 2020

The urban design for the former Dragoner Barracks and three adjoining plots in Berlin Kreuzberg are developed by SMAQ and Man Made Land...

Rush\Wright Associates

Springvale Community Precinct

Melbourne, Australia, 2021

Springvale Community Precinct forms the central hub of the Springvale Activity Centre - a vibrant and multicultural civic, retail and com...

Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia

Al Qasim Green University

Al Qasim , Iraq, 2014

The New Campus designed is located close to Al Qasim, in the Babil province of Iraq. The program of the newly established University shal...

Najmias Oficina de Arquitectura [NOA] Najmias Office for Architecture

Master Plan Colegiales Railway Area

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017

The project won the First Prize in the National Ideas Competition unanimously by the jury. The proposal selected among 47 participants wa...


Nordwestring 101 Städtebaulicher Masterplan

Nürnberg, Germany, seit 2019

Städtebaulicher Masterplan für das ehemalige GfK Gelände in Nürnberg. Oliv Architekten entwickeln im Rahmen eines Wettbewerbs drei Projek...


Metalli-Areal Zug

Switzerland, 2019-2030

1. Preis - Eingeladener Wettbewerb 2017 / QKV 2019 - Im 21. Jahrhundert transformieren sich Zug zur Stadt und die Metalli zum zentralen...

O&O Baukunst

Parkstadt South Cologne

Cologne, Germany, ab 2021

O&O Baukunst wins the competition of the 115-hectare area between Luxemburger- and Alteburgerstraße with the landscape architect RMP Step...

INCLS (One Design)

Ningbo Creative Ports - pilot area

Ningbo, China, 2019

This project is the pilot area of Ningbo Creative Ports, a 10-kilometer-long industrial waterfront in centre city Ningbo to be redevelope...

Nething Generalplaner GmbH

ZEISS Meditec

Oberkochen, Germany, 2013

Im Zuge der Masterplanung für den Standort Oberkochen haben wir unter anderem einen Neubau für den Bereich Medizintechnik umgesetzt. Mit ...

Nething Generalplaner GmbH


München, Germany, 2017

Ein Eindruck der Umsetzung in Zahlen: 29.000 Quadratmeter Fläche umfasst die Lagerhalle insgesamt, das entspricht vier Fußballfeldern. ...

Meyer Studio Land Architects

Heartwood Preserve

Omaha, USA, 2021

MSLA’s 500 acres-park design is inspired by the verdant rolling hills and agricultural history of Nebraska with the desire to fuse art an...

Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten

Cartoucherie Wood'art Eco District

Toulouse, France, 2021

The mixed-use eco-district “Cartoucherie Wood’art” will be built on a former industrial site on the left bank of the Garonne with a total...


Konversion Branntweinareal - Nürnberg

Nürnberg, Germany, 2020

Konversion des ehemaligen Branntweinmonopolgeländes im Stadtteil St. Jobst - Nürnberg. Wohnungsbau mit freien und geförderten Mietwohnung...

OYO Architects

Masterplan Olivierstadium 3.0

Knokke, Belgium, 2017

A clear and readable strategy and structure for the design of the different buildings will create a unique identity for the whole complex...

Baumschlager Eberle Architekten

A new neighbourhood in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic, 2025

A new neighborhood for Prague. “Smichov South” is the name of a project that envisions a new district with residential and office spac...

grabowski.spork architektur

Eastsite - Vision für Wiesbaden-Erbenheim

Wiesbaden-Erbenheim, Germany, 2022

Eine Vision für das rund 26 ha große ehemalige Gelände des Baukonzerns Dywidag an der Berliner Straße in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim. Büro- und V...


Shinseoul, Myeongdong - Hoehyeon, Seoul, South…

Seoul, South Korea, 2030

The City of Seoul is reactivating and expanding the existing underground system to connect the city center, extending the network of subw...

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