One Week Left: Vote for US Building of the Year 2021

John Hill
23. January 2022
Image: World-Architects

In 2021 we presented 44 Buildings of the Week on American-Architects, most of them renovations and adaptive reuse projects. The voting for the US Building of the Year 2021 runs until Sunday, January 30, 2022, with the winner announced at the beginning of February.

With one week left, certain buildings are pulling away from the rest, but there is still no clear winner — and if there were we wouldn't say. More votes means more consensus on which projects are most deserving. Next week, with the votes tallied, we'll reveal the winner but also the runners-up. In the meantime, visit American-Architects to vote for your favorite.

The German-Architects, Swiss-Architects and Austria-Architects platforms are also holding polls for their respective "Bau des Jahres." Visit them to see more great projects and cast more votes:

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