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John Hill
14. September 2020
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For the first time — and for good reason, given COVID-19 — the annual Bartlett Summer Show is taking place exclusively in a digital environment. The online exhibition presents the work of more than 700 students in an immersive environment that is a lot of fun to browse.

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Developed by the creative agency Hello Monday with the Bartlett exhibitions team, the Bartlett Summer Show is organized according to the school's programs and, within those, the corresponding units. A scrollable index greets visitors to the online exhibition, from which they can enter into the units via portals, as in the screenshots shown here. Once inside the digital "rooms," people can pan through the different projects, clicking into them to see images and videos, and read about the designs. With so much quality work spanning all parts of the school, there's plenty to keep visitors busy until October 2, when the exhibition "comes down."

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An archived video of the launch of the Bartlett Summer Show 2020 on September 10, which was hosted by recent graduates, featured comments from the school's chair and its directors, and announced the many prize and medal winners:

The Bartlett Summer Show 2020 is on display online until October 2, 2020.

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