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Leisure Lounge - Open Air Deck

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At Frankfurt Airport, waiting is particularly relaxing – and now, even open-air. The transit area of Terminal 1 provides a comfortable rooftop terrace designed by 3deluxe, where passengers can spend a stopover or time after check-in. The lounge area, referred to as ‘Open Air Deck’, with a spectacular view of the airline operations of Germany’s major air traffic hub is the first public rooftop terrace in the security zone of an airport.

The terrace is part of the ‘Leisure Zone’ series, a number of inviting waiting areas amidst the bustling airport environment.
The dynamically curved seating furniture of the indoor lounges is a central design element, which recurs in the outdoor area, and is equipped with wooden elements and inlays for plants. Passengers’ wellbeing takes center stage. The modular furniture made of white mineral material enables different positions for sitting and lying. With its bright and positive atmosphere, the rooftop terrace clearly stands out from conventional waiting areas with rigid and linear designs.
An organically shaped bench runs around the glazed balustrade. On the glass pane’s bottom, there is an artwork reminding of clouds, which allows passengers to forget about the hustle and bustle on the airport apron, and to relax for a moment. An information pillar of the same design provides interesting facts about the processes on the runway.

The rooftop terrace particularly improves the quality of the transit time for passengers: having spent several hours on a plane, they have the opportunity to wait for their connecting flight in a relaxed atmosphere in the open air.

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