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Frankfurt, Germany

As a design collective, 3deluxe unites around 40 creative professionals covering the fields of architecture and interior design as well as graphic and interactive design under one roof.

Since the foundation of the Wiesbaden office in 1992 the team works between the poles of spatial design, art and pop culture – in an interdisciplinary and transmedia way at the interface between the analog and the digital world. The results of this creative synergy are hybrids of two- and three-dimensional design: graphic works display a spatial effect, whereas architectural concepts are based on communication principles. In this way, 3deluxe designs complex collages, so called multilayered atmospheres that encourage a variety of sensual experiences and allow a multitude of possible interpretations.

The objective of 3deluxe’s transdisciplinary design solutions is to make objects, enterprises, spaces and buildings as radiant and appealing as possible.

Competences: Architecture | Interior design | Graphic design | Motion design

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Wiesbaden, Germany