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Milan, 意大利
MOLECOLA | Reinventing Cities Nodo Bovisa | 2021 | Park Associati
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"The molecola masterplan The MoLeCoLa masterplan originates as an intervention aimed at mending the urban fabric of the Bovisa district, which is currently divided by the layout of the railway tracks."
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"The new axis of mobility The project involves the construction of a new cycle/pedestrian and tramway crossing that will connect the two sides of the city."
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"The new station square The reorganisation of the Bovisa station aims to create a new interchange hub that can act as an element of reactivation for the entire district."
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"Student residence courtyard Courtyards and public squares represent the fertile fabric of the common ground and aim to promote community spirit and interaction among inhabitants."
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"The Promenade Connected to the activities located on the buildings' ground floors, the 30-metre railway limit belt is transformed into a stepped green landscape and acts as a visual and acoustic filter towards the tracks."
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Park Associati
Via Bovisasca, 20157 Milan, 意大利
Comune di Milano, Ferrovie Nord Milano, Hines (investor)
Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi, Marco Panzeri (Project Director), Elisa Borghi, Sara Cacciati, Valeria Donini, Erica Fassi, Simone Marzorati, Irene Ricciardi, Andrea Riva, Elisa Taddei, Marinella Ferrari, Antonio Cavallo, Xhensila Ogreni, Stefano Venegoni
Environmental expert
Infrastructure, transport, and mobility
MIC – Mobility in chain
Energetic-MEP strategies and sustainability
ESA Engineering
Digital solutions for sustainability
Schneider Electric
Energetic strategies
A2A Calore e servizi
Participatory Process
IRS – Istituto Ricerca Sociale
Wooden and prefabricated construction expert
Legal and administrative process

MoLeCoLa − Mobility Learning Community Lab: reinventing the Nodo Bovisa site as an integrated, sustainable idea-generating neighbourhood

The MoLeCoLa proposal creates an innovative, sustainable and integrated technological district that fosters the redevelopment of the Bovisa district by meeting the ten challenges set by the international competition promoted by C40 Reinventing Cities to transform degraded sites into environmental and urban regeneration areas.
Developed by the team led by Park Associati, the masterplan for the area covering over 90,000 square metres develops in synergy with the other interventions existing in the area, interacts with Politecnico di Milano and represents an opportunity to mend the areas previously separated by the tracks of the Milano Nord Bovisa railway through the redevelopment of the railway station as the beating heart of the renovated district.
MoLeCoLa creates an 'idea-generating' district, its functional mix being based on three key principles: housing, production and interaction. Residences, student residences, commercial activities, co-working and the Ferrovie Nord headquarters are integrated within a public space full of equipped green areas to create a harmonious landscape that meets the objective of achieving zero CO2 emissions by 2050.
The masterplan experiments with alternative and sustainable ways of experiencing mobility, landscape, living, working and consumption, with the aim of increasing well-being for the individual and for the whole community. MoLeCoLa creates the physical and digital infrastructure that enables a connection of local collaborative networks: in professional terms it provides spaces for sharing the work and research process, in economic terms it provides circular economy best practices, while in social terms it builds community proximity.
MoLeCoLa reinvents the city by bringing together the existing needs and envisaging a future built on the value of environmental and social sustainability.


  • Eclectic Apartment
  • „els“ – Elsbethenareal-Schrannenplatz
    F64 Architekten PartGmbB
  • Neubau Einfamilienhaus Liebefeld
    Johannes Saurer Architekt BSA
  • Neubau Sporthalle Sigmaringendorf
    dasch zürn + partner architekten Partnerschaft mbB
  • 贵州省黔西南州民族文化中心


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