Hotel Jabal Al Kaaba

Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Makkah, Saudi Arabia

The Holy City of Makkah has been a pilgrimage destination for hundreds of years, therefore, a welcoming place for travellers and pilgrims. This spirit of hospitality is translated into the Shaza Makkah Hotel, located nearby the Great Mosque of Al Masjid Al Haram in the new district of Jabal Al Kaaba. Being at the heart of the city, the design concept embodies both a visual connection with the Holy Site as well as the pause and rest required after a busy day of pilgrimage.

Art, calligraphy, furniture and locally inspired motifs in rugs and lattices reinforce the sense of place, strengthen by the use of lights which multiply these Arabic patterns in walls, floors and ceilings to provide a natural continuity in the peaceful mood of the visitors to one of the world’s most venerated spots. The hotel, with 251 guest rooms units, manifests the cohesion of a millenary tradition which is reinterpreted through a contemporary interior design language recognizable to both local and international guests.

Peace and calmness are the main inspirations to develop the interiors of the spaces, both felt inserted within the atmosphere while welcoming its guests. A color narrative of cream and aqua palettes is followed throughout the inner spaces, two calming and muted hues which provide the necessary frame of mind to favor contemplation and serenity.

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