CAP Riells | Viabrea

Riells I Viabrea, Spanje
Photo © @adriagoula
Photo © @adriagoula
Photo © @adriagoula
Photo © @adriagoula
Photo © @adriagoula
Photo © @adriagoula
Photo © @adriagoula
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Drawing © @comaspont
Comas-Pont Arquitectes
C/ de baix s/n, 17404 Riells I Viabrea, Spanje
Micaló Raimó
Font i Armengol
Sis Consultoria
Environmental techniques
Societat Organica

The project recognizes the views of its surroundings by introducing the landscape inside the building through a linear courtyard related to the waiting rooms. A square marks access to the CAP, providing a widening of the sidewalk.

A Primary Care Center (CAP) is an ideal public facility to consider the health of people from the construction itself, minimizing the generation of CO2 in the life cycle of materials and ensuring a healthy environment in the interior. The use of the structure with microlaminated wood (CLT) for the first time in a CAP in Catalonia, generates a conceptual dialogue with the forests of Montseny (biosphere reserve) visible from the building, reduces the execution deadlines and waste and allows to achieve the highest energy rating A.

The corrugated steel sheet, smooth or microperforated, allows to solve the façade with a single material getting an austere and elegant building but with different nuances and perceptions that helps to preserve privacy or protect from solar radiation when necessary. Inside, the wooden structure is left visible, getting a more friendly and domestic atmosphere.

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