Photo © Åke E.son Lindman
© Åke E.son Lindman
Photo © Åke E.son Lindman
Photo © Åke E.son Lindman
Photo © Åke E.son Lindman

House on a cliff

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Stockholm area, Zweden

Katarina Lundeberg, Petra Gipp

The clients envisioned living in the archipelago as an interplay between nature and the possibility both of privacy and transparency. The house is oriented toward the water. Two distinct volumes take hold of each other and allow light to divide the space. 

Cells for sleeping, which have a direct connection to the exterior. A large bedroom with a terrace and a bathroom which opens up to the sky. The other volume consists of a living room and a kitchen. Materials and details are chosen with care to emphasize an architectonic whole. Exterior wood panels of varying dimensions were coated with iron sulphate and corners were mitred. Site cast concrete and details out of sheet zinc. Our intention was to create something sustainable through the use of materials that age with dignity. The plinth foundation system rises above ground, leaving the site virtually untouched. There is a strong desire to inflict as little damage on the site as possible, visually as well as conceptually.

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