Benito Menni Mental Health Care Complex

Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain
AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture
Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain

Master Plan: 40,690 m2 and Project: 42,187 m2.

The Benito Menni Complex, a historic center dedicated to treating mental health disorders since 1854, is embarking on an ambitious transformation to modernize its facilities and engage with the community. The project aims not only to improve patient care but also to combat the stigma associated with mental health and create a more welcoming and inclusive space.

The reform plan is based on two main pillars. The first is the creation of a therapeutic garden, accessible to both patients and the community, to promote connection with nature and create a safe and welcoming environment. The second is the implementation of personalized life itineraries, covering clinical, sports, artistic, educational, and employment areas, with the aim of providing comprehensive support on the path to recovery.

Additionally, the project aims to break down barriers between the hospital and the community by creating a museum open to the public, adapting old facilities to become civic spaces, gradually reintegrating patients into community life, and modifying the environment to prioritize transparency and combat the stigma associated with mental health.


  • Forst- und Werkhof Crest Ault
  • Promenade Favorita, Lugano TI
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  • Garten Höhenweg St.Gallen
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  • Sagiareal, Greppen LU
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