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We are commissioned for the rebranding for Simmons Asia’s shops, uniform and corporate identity. This is a challenging task. How may we represent a bedding company with such long history? Thus we have began our work with a 3 three months long research of their brand’s history and their competitors’ shops. We have finally realized that a minimalistic shop which be able to accentuate their "The circulation of  the customers and the experience is our main focus: A minimal, pristine and perennial space will allow our customers to linger and trying out our beds freely whilst our staffs may main eye contact with them, and thus they will be able to offer their assistance at anytime. The minimalistic approach allowed our design to  accentuate the presence of our products, that is the beds, and the sleeping experience.

Sound, water, rain drops, the colour blue, our subtle uniform design and other embellishment; these are all apparatus devised to provoke the five sense for our customers; reminding our customers about their good rest at night; a sanctuary for them to re-charge and to refresh.

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