In this group exhibition of work by fourteen architecture studios, building speculations representing a wide range of interests and overlapping tendencies illustrate components of the contemporary architectural zeitgeist, including a reinvestigation of architecture’s history, its forms of communication, the embrace of composition, the cultivation of new audiences, and explorations of the act of building. One project by each office that privileges physicality, surprise, playfulness, curiosity, and pleasure in search of a wider public is represented in drawings, details, renderings, videos, gifs, apps, photographs, and physical models. Curated by Nate Hume, the exhibition encourages audience engagement with the new and strange visual and tactile aspects of these design proposals.

Participating firms include:

  • Young & Ayata
  • Medium Office
  • Besler & Sons
  • The Los Angeles Design Group
  • Mira Henry
  • BairBalliet
  • Endemic Architecture
  • The Open Workshop
  • T+E+A+M
  • First Office
  • Norell/Rodhe
  • MALL

30 August to 15 November 2018
Yale School of Architecture Gallery
180 York Street
New Haven, CT, USA
Yale School of Architecture
Yale SOA