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In Z+T Studio, landscape design is meant to refine nature based on a comprehension of artistic principle in nature. It extracts and reintegrates landscape elements based on the individual character of each site.

Refined nature, respect original eco-system:

Respecting the natural eco-system is a living Chinese philosophy. Existing ecology needs to be closely studied before any transformation is considered. By applying modern eco-techniques, the site will be optimally developed. High density development or a contaminated environment needs to be regenerated in a healthy direction.

Restored eco-system, has specific site spirit:

All sites are different despite the presence of modern industrialized development. Any innovation should be inspired by the specific elements (weather, wind, light and shade) of site. The recovered site will be identified by the created spatial organization and design.

Reformed site, recall the memory of site:

Industrialization create obstacles between people and their environment. Non-designed or overdesigned spaces are full of constructed, human-made places. We look through to the essence of each site while also exploring the relationship between complexity and simplicity within nature. At all time we seek to reconnect people with water, sunlight, and plants through our use of refined landscape elements.

We see landscape design as
- a connector of nature and community well-being.
- a vessel for our vision of sustainability and resilience.
- a catalyst and engine to encompass and enrich diversity, self-esteem and self-identity.
- a distilling process towards the essence and the most basic elements of nature.

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