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Houses in Canal São Roque

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100 000 - 1 million
1-5 étages

Situated in front of Canal São Roque, their volume are strictly designed as the plan previewed. These two houses have a unique and rare landscape to look at, so the three floors are differently related to it. The first one is clearly orientated to the south, to the inner courtyard. This option allow that the social spaces can expand from inside to the outside without loosing its privacy. The second and third floors are orientated to the Ria in the north, firmly connected by a double high living room. The landscape composed the image of the houses, “perforating” them carefully in order to obtain singular frames of the views. The houses are built in a ordinary concrete structure, but they are enveloped by materials with no maintenance, such as compact panels for the ventilated façade, and pure zinc for the roof.

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