LWPAC - Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture


Vancouver, Canada

MONAD_V : Platforms for Life Monad is a generative technology systems platform for integrated adaptable mixed use housing for the sustain...

Aebi & Vincent

Wohnüberbauung Labo Golette

Meyrin, Suisse, 2016

Die Anlage der beiden Wohngebäude ist durch die Linien und Volumen der bestehenden Baukörper im Quartier ebenso bestimmt wie du...


Island Neu Fahrland

Potsdam, Allemagne, 2015

The Island Fahrland, located ten minutes north of Potsdam city center shall be developed as a residential quarter. The future quarter is...


La Maquinista

Barcelona, Espagne, 2000

Shopping centre built on an old factory lot in an area of the city historically isolated by the infrastructure and lack of planni...


El Centre del Món

Perpignan, France, 2011

The New Nuclei Area of the TGV [high speed train]station,which includes the multi-purpose complex (shopping centre, hotel and off...

Ernst Niklaus Fausch Partner AG

Nordwestbahnhof Wien

Wien, Autriche, 2020

Entwicklung Stadtquartier – Wohnen, Arbeiten, Einzelhandel, Freizeit und Kultur, öffentliche und soziale Nutzungen für ca 12'...


The Uttorayon Township

Siliguri, Inde, 2008

The Uttorayon Township is a 400 acre development on a non productive Tea Estate in Siliguri, West Bengal. The guiding objective of the ...


GYS Vision

Gurgaon, Inde

The design brief called for a commercial development comprising of three high-rise corporate office towers in one of the prime su...


Delhi Nullahs

New Delhi, Inde

Delhi Nullahs: A Sustainable Blueprint for the City An Initiative by Morphogenesis

Lorenzo Perri - YTAA 2016 Finalist

The Assembly of Le Balai Citoyen

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Brewing Democracy "The assembly is a space of accumulation where the activists of le Balai Citoyen pursu...

Erika Mazza | Roberto Bonutto - YTAA Shortlist

Vallecas 2048

Madrid, Espagne

Scenarios for the regeneration of a suburb in Madrid "This project is part of the collective research &q...

Ioana Gherghel - YTAA Shortlist

Greenwich Archipelago Village

New York, États-Unis

The joys and discoveries of living in an amphibian village "When exploring how architecture morphs in th...

Alexis Cordova - YTAA Shortlist

Storm surge zones - An architectural…

New York, États-Unis

Protection as a Catalyst "This Project deals with the threat of storm surges. Through a coherent use of ...

Sportich du Réau de la Gaignonnière | Villatte - YTAA 2016 Finalists

Death and Life of a Small French city: new…

Villefranche-de-Rouergue, France

New housings with medieval stones to fight against town-center desertion in Villefranche-de-Rouergue "In...

Fabrizio Furiassi - YTAA Shortlist

The reuse of the neglected areas and the…

Moscow, Russie

Case study: the industrial complex AMO-ZIL "This thesis is centred on the recognition and reuse of neglected...

Laura Abbruzzese - YTAA 2016 Finalist

Subversions Minhocão

São Paulo, Brésil

Urban Scars Renewal Programme. The Elevado Arthur da Costa e Silva study case. "...


HP Qingdao Smart City

Qingdao, China

HP China will build this city as the smart city demonstration in the next five years.

Studio RHE

Hakkasan Dubai

Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis, 2015

Creating a strong identity and embracing the memory of the original London restaurant, matrix screens provide the external claddi...

EMT Architektenpartnerschaft

Vincentius Areal

Konstanz, Allemagne

Das Vincentius-Areal liegt an der Schnittstelle zwischen der kleinteiligen Altstadt im Osten und den westlichen Stadterweiterungen des 'P...

Sigge Architects

Burj Al Arab Terrace

Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis, 2016

Burj Al Arab’s Luxury Beach Extension Island is first of its kind in the world that took only 11-months from start to finis...

WXY architecture + urban design

Transmitter Park and Pier

New York, États-Unis, 2012

This community-based Open Space Masterplan, by landscape architect Donna Walcavage and WXY, followed the rezoning of the Greenpoi...

WXY architecture + urban design

Kearny Point Master Plan and Building 78

Kearny, NJ, États-Unis

WXY was commissioned to provide master planning services for the 130-acre former shipyard, Kearny Point, in New Jersey. Beginning...

Jeker Architekten

Widenboulevard Nord

Frick, Suisse, 2013

Mit der ersten Bauetappe auf dem vormaligen Grundstück der Gemeinde Frick an der Widengasse entsteht ein neuer städtebaulicher ...

Jeker Architekten

Areal Mühle

Eiken, Suisse, 2015

Das zu bebauende Areal ist geprägt von Wiesen mit Obstgärten und einem mit Bäumen gesäumten Bachabschnitt sowie einer...

Jeker Architekten

Business City Polyfeld

Muttenz, Suisse, 2013

Zu Beginn des Projektes Polyfeld-West in Muttenz stand ein Studienauftrag, welcher nach dem definitiven Zuschlag die Erarbeitung einer na...

Ritter Schumacher AG


Schaan, Liechtenstein, 2010

Bei einem reinen Infrastrukturbau stellt sich oft die Frage, inwieweit dabei Architektur und Kunst eine Berechtigung haben dürfen. I...


Fushengyu Hotspring Resort

Mian Yang, China, 2015

This luxury hot spring resort is built around the hilltop of Luo Fu Shan, in Sichuan Province. The site is 300Mu or 21Ha, with 70.000 m2 ...

Studio Libeskind

Tor di Valle

Rome, Italie, 2015

Located on 100 hectares/247 acres site that was the former home to Rome’s hippodrome, the 287,000 square meter business park is dev...

Studio Libeskind

World Trade Center Master Plan

New York, NY, États-Unis, 2003

In 2002, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) announced a competition for a master plan to develop the 16 acres in Lower Ma...


Scientific Technological Agroalimentary Park…

Lleida, Espagne, 2009

The architectural proposal consists in refurbishing the H buildings (ancien barracks in the city of Lleida) and in reconvert then...

LEAP Laboratorio en Arquitectura Progresiva

Recinto Ferial, Fiestas de Octubre


El nuevo recinto Edu-festivo se desarrolla en dos predios que suman aproximadamente 25 Has. y a los cuales distinguimos en el tex...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Cieza Urban Renovation

Cieza, Espagne

We have come across a city edge which has no relationship with the natural environment which surrounds it. El Paseo de Ronda surrounds th...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Neuchâtel Waterfront park.

Neuchâtel, Suisse

How can we envision a park for the 21st century? What role should it play in the contemporary city? What should its programmatic content ...

La Invisible

Lighting Master Plan Barcelona

Barcelona, Espagne, 2012

The Invisible leads a team of planners, engineers and a lighting departament. All together have redacted a Lighting Master Plan, which wi...


Lichtmasterplan Freiham-Nord

München, Allemagne, 2015

Lichtmasterplan | Aufbauend auf einem unbespielten Stadtbild wird hier ein Masterpan für die Beleuchtung des Stadtteils Freiham Nord darg...



Frankfurt am Main, Allemagne, 2007

In Frankfurt am Main entsteht zurzeit ein neues innenstadtnahes Stadtviertel auf den Flächen des ehemaligen Hauptgüterbahnhofs: das neue ...

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