Pudong Yangjing Bridge

shanghai, China
Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)
Shanghai, shanghai, China

Huihong Bridge is located at Yangjing Harbor. It is a bridge using a triangularshaped truss structure. It links up with Yangjing green space in the east, while inserts Minsheng Wharf in the west. The futuristic and graceful form represents a comet, or “Hui”,streaking across the starry sky, bridging a clear and deep water,or “Hong”, and pointing towards Lujiazui CBD. The bow-like structure metaphorically foretells the launching of the first slow-traffic bridge in the East Bund.
During the initial design period,the architect mainly considered the way to utilize the height difference of the structure to divert various usage flows:cycling,jogging and walking.Thus integrity and continuity of urban design is achieved.Night lighting design combines point and line light source,outlining the brand-new atmosphere of Huangpu River East Bund.

CLIENT: Shanghai East Bund Investment(Group)Co., Ltd
LOCATION: Pudong District, Shanghai
TYPE: Bridge
SIZE: 150m length, 10.75m width, 55m span
DESIGN/ BUILT: 2016/2017

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