Courcelles Patiente

1. novembre 2016
All photographs courtesy of UBALT

The cabinet offers services of physiotherapy, osteopathy and lipomassage. The new created space is a felted interval of time between the street and the room dedicated to treatment. The skin but also the relation to clothing are notions which cannot be separated of the cares made in the cabinet. So this space of transition is going to be felt differently according to the patients: boudoir, cabin, niche, bedroom, vestibule...

Axonometric drawing

This room will be built on the confrontation of materials evoking the skin and the textile. The wall between the traffic and the boudoir is covered with leather wall hangings to enhance the stuffy effect of the room and to weaken the other noises coming form the other places of the cabinet. Ground and walls are painted nude to evoke the skin enrolling in the lexicon of the body and creating a dissociation of space between the boudoir and the cabinet.

A big wrinkled curtain of more than 6m of length draws softened outlines in the alcove. The holographic treatment of the textile combined to various levels of highlights of the space creates atmospheres, varied scenes for the patients depending on the location where they sit.

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