Hangzhou Urban Design Sheme

Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, China, 2018

Hangzhou is awarded the right to host the 2022 Asian Games (XIX Asiad). The Asian Games Village site is located along the east coast of H...

Green House in Austin, TX

Austin, USA, 2014

Partnerarchitekt: Erik Gonzales, SAGO International, Austin, TX, (USA)

Kunst am Bau, Krotenbachstrasse 64

Wien 19, Austria, 2010

Wohngebäude Welingergasse

Wien 23, Austria, 2008

Hotel "Alga 7Tee" [Umbau], Apollogasse 9

Wien 7 (A), Austria, 1997

Sarajevo Crossing

Wien 1 (A), Austria, 1994

Seoul Photographic Art Museum

Jadric Architektur and their Korean Partner "1990uao" (Yoon Geun Ju) are chosen to realize the Seoul Photographic Art Museum after winnin...

New Gwanghwamun Square

Ten Issues and Taks on Gwanghwamun Square Ten Issues and Tasks on Gwanghwamun Square Gwanghwamun Square has been the mirror of the tran...

Hangzhou Bridges

The first purpose of everybridgeis to span physical obstacles without being an obstacle in itself, blockingpassage over a body of water o...

Hangzhou Asian Games

Vision and Key Elements of the Project The revival of waterfront: waterfront area became centers of intense redevelopment activity. Acti...

72 Manor Project

A House with Two Faces. The one is public, accessible to everyone, and the other one is private and intimate. The one is a path through ...