Foto © Laura González
Foto © Laura González
Foto © Julieta Grimberg
Foto © Laura González
Foto © Laura González
Foto © Julieta Grimberg
Foto © Laura González
Foto © Laura González
Foto © Laura González

"PIXAR. 25 years of animation" exhibition

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CaixaForum Madrid, CaixaForum Zaragoza, CaixaForum Barcelona, various Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona, España
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1 - 5 pisos

We were chosen to develope the famous and succesful exhibition of PIXAR in Spain (Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona), so from the beginning our intention was to make clear the division of concepts proposed by PIXAR: Histories, Characters, Words, within the creative process of each of the films are shown. The application of this conceptual framework is proposed directly in the distribution and the route of exposure.

The rooms where the exhibition was located are on the second floor of CaixaForum Madrid.

Through the lifts you enter the hall which gives access to the great hall where the exhibition is located. At the end of the tour, visiting the Small Hall, where the Artscape is installed is proposed.

Access to the Big Room is caused by an introductional space. From this first filter is accessed Characters Square. The protagonists of this central area are sculptures, arranged on high bases, associated with each of the films, proposing a complete and simultaneous vision of the whole. Each of the bases or "tongues", where sculptures are located, is seen as the first presentation to each of the films. This base creates a continuous surface in the central part are displayed as floating sculptures on a pot metal supports. This placement allows a sufficient distance between the work and the visitor, making them impossible to be accessible. Thus, the use of windows is avoided and clear vision on the parts is emphasized.


In the access area, the explanation of two strategic concept for the exhibition stands, the "tribute" to its creator, John Laseter and his way of working, the PIXAR PROCESS.


Each stay, is assigned to a movie. After contemplating the Square sculpture, and the base of the sculptures associated with a particular film, shown as within the particular field, framed for this first section drawings: Character.


Worlds: At the bottom of the estancia_pelicula documents are included in the section are located. The small format, with the same criteria for placement in other graphic works, and greater format, ColorScript are presented in light boxes large format percibidles from outside the room. This effect allows you to associate different imaginary worlds in a single canvas, as a great backdrop, common to all of them.


The last room facing the reserves paragraph: Stories. Always illustrated with a monitor, apart from the documents themselves framed.

The last stay the course is assigned to the Short. Within this area framed artwork and a projection of all short loop is placed. It is complemented by benches that emphasize the character of this room mini cinema. By this way, children won't be the only ones to enjoy the exhibition.

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