Vienna, Austria, 2019

The Cyclist in part of Hotel Andaz am Belvedere, Vienna.

Hotel Andaz Vienna am Belvedere

Wien, Austria, 2019

Prince Eugene of Savoy, a true cosmopolitan and patron of the arts, inspired the latest hotel project in the luxury & lifestyle categ...

Hotel Schani Salon

Vienna, Austria, 2018

Hotel Schani Salon Boutique hotels, run with a personal touch, are distinct and often luxurious, and a classic Viennese salon in the sty...

Vienna Marriott Hotel

Vienna, 2017

Vienna Marriott Hotel The Vienna Marriott Hotel on Vienna’s Parkring is a true landmark. Renovating such a prestigious establishment dur...

Hotel Schani, Vienna

Vienna, Austria, 2015

Hotel Schani, Vienna Vienna’s Hotel Schani provides a place for encounters: The digital avant-garde and Viennese comfort and atmosphere ...

Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Vienna, Austria, 2014

The rooms and suites in the 1902 Hotel Altstadt Vienna are varied and unique. Thanks to this diversity and the extensive collection of co...

Design Concept for a 4*Hotel

The concept of this 4*hotel is represents the melding of tradition and modern design. A central element of the design is the incorporatio...