Park City Hietzing

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Jagdschlossgasse 59, 1130 Vienna, Austria
100M - 1Bn
1-5 Stories

Wettbewerb 2009, 1. Preis

Competition 2009, 1st. Prizes
A new quarter with a distinctive identity: refurbished historic existing buildings are complemented with precisely placed insertions.
Upscale urban densification, introducing a new district center, retaining the atmosphere of the outdoor spaces and the characteristic location at the forest's edge. Focus on existing built fabric without infringing on the park, as an added value for the grounds and for the general public.
The mix of historic building fabric and contemporary interventions will give rise to a high-quality district with an identity all its own. Although adjacent to a wooded landscape, the atmosphere is urban.
The atmospheric and architectural qualities, combined with a carefully devised mix of residential architecture and the accompanying infrastructure, will engender a sustainable form of living amenable to every generation.

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