Photo © Matthias Fenzl
Photo © Matthias Fenzl
Photo © Matthias Fenzl

AiR, Artist in Residenz, Museumsquartier

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Museumsplatz 1/5, 1070 Vienna, Austria
0 - 100K

The artist-in-residence program at Vienna's quartier21 was initiated in 2002 and has become established as a platform for international contemporary art and cultural exchange.
On the upper level there are currently five studios available to artists – both as dwelling and as atelier.
AiR Base exhibits the artists' work – and correspondingly, the grant program – in a public setting.
Each of the five artists presently in residence was allotted a color-coded showcase. The mobile seating incorporates the publication "100 Artists in Residence/quartier21/MQ/2002–2006".
This element both separates and unites the exhibition themes, which include: "Outdoor Space", "Pumping Station", "AiR Base". The space is versatile and is suited to hosting installations, openings, lectures and other events.

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