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TITAN was established in 2011 by Mathieu Barré, François Guinaudeau, and Romain Pradeau with both a commitment to simplicity and functionality and the aim of creating a poetic response to the built environment. Born through the evocation of the distinctive industrial past of the city of Nantes, the name of the firm refers to the old docks on the Loire River, with its shipyards and cranes, which are an integral part of its history. One focus of their work is to contribute to a shared cultural awareness in order to foster sustainable change by addressing current challenges and future needs with regard to cultural preservation in terms of material use. Their body of work includes residential, cultural and educational projects, as well as civic and technical buildings, alongside multidisciplinary research on construction materials with the aim of creating new possibilities.

The office has won international awards such as AJAP 2018, 40 under 40, Green Good Design Award 2016, and Jeunes Architectes et Paysagistes Ligériens in 2011. In 2018, Titan is finalist at the AR Emerging Awards, the Blueprint Awards, Le Geste d’Or, ADC Awards 2019 and the Bauwelt Preis 2019. Most recently, TITAN has been awarded with Prix AMO, Trophée béton Pro, and the Prix Aperçus Départemental d’Architecture et d’Aménagement. In 2019, the Welcome pavilion in Saint-Vincent-sur-Jard has become finalist at the Equerre d’argent, and the National Museum Clemenceau has been shortlisted for the European Museum of the Year award – the most prestigious museum award in Europe.

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