Villa MKZ

Chiba, Japan, 2021

The footprint of this vacation home dances around the complex conditions of the site. Although the site is splendidly situated overlookin...

Phase Dance

Ito-City, Shizuoka, Japan, 2019

The site for this project is sloped and initially was covered in dense forest. Although the surrounding area was developed with second ho...

Bended House in Okazaki

Okazaki, Aichi, Japan, 2015

I want a big grassy patio." This is where the planning for this residence began. The site is located in the suburbs of Okazaki City, Aic...

North Slope Court House

Machida, Tokyo, Japan, 2015

The site is an untouched sloping site with no trace of the original building. When we visited the site, which slopes down to the northeas...

Villa Escargot

Chiba, Japan, 2014

How to “wall in” a space for people? I become more conscious about this question when designing a building in an environment that faces n...

Villa SSK

Chiba, Japan, 2012

The location for this project was adjacent to the calm and tranquil waters of Tokyo Bay. When we first visited the site, we were immediat...

AR Building

Tokyo, Japan, 2011

A flowing pattern is stamped into the aluminum louvers.

Minamiaoyama M

Tokyo, Japan, 2010

The octoganal stairwell supports the entire structure.

Tre Volte

Kanagawa, Japan, 2010

Life with Dino.

Kaminoge T

Tokyo, Japan, 2009

A split-level home with an earthen floor.

Hamadayama House

Tokyo, Japan, 2008

The living space is created from the balance between shadow and light.

Seashore Shell House

Chiba, Japan, 2008

A wooden shell structure

House in Ohi

Tokyo, Japan, 2007

This home contains three miniature gardens.

Shibuya H

Tokyo, Japan, 2006

A home for out-door living.

LVL House

Saitama, Japan, 2004

This structure is built from 100mm-thick laminated veneer lumber.


Tokyo, Japan, 2002

A slanted steel post supports the floating roof.

Casa Suwa

Kanagawa, Japan, 1999

A skylight in the upper portion of the staircase brings in the outside.