Photo © Manfred Hanisch
Photo © Manfred Hanisch
Photo © Manfred Hanisch
Photo © Manfred Hanisch
Photo © Schaller/Theodor
Drawing © Schaller/Theodor
Drawing © Schaller/Theodor
Drawing © Schaller/Theodor
Drawing © Schaller/Theodor

Beethoven Residential Park

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Am Beethovenpark, 50935 Cologne, Germany
1-5 Stories

35.236 m²

Total Fläche
68.300 m²

382 Wohnungen
6 Gewerbeeinheiten

Anerkennung Deutscher Architekturpreis 1995

Architekten: HPP, Prof. Coersmeier/Schaller (dt8 Arbeitskreis)

The residential park with 382 dwellings, studios and a service center was built on the site of an obsolete Cologne tram depot amid an existing residential area in the south-west of Cologne. A pedestrian avenue, lined by a water course, forms the core and principle axis of the development and connects the commercial center of the district with a public park. The water course has both technical and design functions. On the one hand, it collects the rain water from the roofs and hard surfaces, (e.g. sidewalks) while on the other hand, it increases the privacy for the adjoining apartments at the ground floor by creating a physiological distance to the adjacent walkway. In spite of the building density, this residential park gives the impression of an elegant and luxurious environment. It is basically achieved by the detached building pattern and the spacious scenic center. Here at the center, the complete surface area is accessible only to pedestrians and cyclists. At the same time, all residential units have direct access to the underground parking garage.

Area: 35.236 m²
Total Area: 68.300 m²
Use: 382 living units, 6 commercial units

Recognition "Deutscher Architekturpreis 1995"

Architects: HPP, Prof. Coersmeier/Schaller (dt8 Arbeitskreis)

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