Ein grünes Dach für alle

Basel, Switzerland, 2022

Als temporäre Installation soll die Pergola während voraussichtlich fünf Jahren die Aufenthaltsqualität und die klimatische Situation in ...

juri troy architects

Pavillon BUGA23

Mannheim, Germany, 2023

Zur Ausstellung der Holzbau-Offensive und der Landesforstverwaltung Baden-Württemberg bei Bundesgartenschau 2023 (BUGA) in Mannheim ist e...

Chybik + Kristof Architects & Urban Designers


Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, 2022

The multifunctional space KVIFF.TV Park by CHYBIK + KRISTOF is designed to welcome visitors to the highly anticipated Karlovy Vary Film F...

Hiroaki Iwasa Architects Workshop

OMIKOSHI/Portable shrine craft kit for kids

Japan, 2018

Since ancient times in Japan, there has been a portable shrine architecture called an OMIKOSHI.OMIKOSHI is a special architecture that is...



Berlin, Germany, 2022

POP KUDAMM is a temporary cultural space in Berlin's City West: In exhibitions, performances, pop-ups and a wide variety of events, POP K...

Chybik + Kristof Architects & Urban Designers

Manifesto Andel

Prague, Czech Republic, 2021

Manifesto Market is a hospitality brand with a focus on transforming neglected urban areas into vibrant neighborhoods. For its third loc...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas

Tribute to the red carnations

Girona, Spain, 2018

The project is based on two opposing concepts: violence and peace. Various historical conflicts in which the people have rebelled agai...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas

The Resistance of a Flower

Girona, Spain, 2018

No matter how high a barrier is, no matter how strong the pressure, or no matter how adverse the conditions, a flower will find a way to ...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas

Interactive Geometries

Vic, Spain, 2019

Interactive Geometries, an ephemeral installation that combines geometry, music and light and encourages interaction between the viewer a...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas


Alcover, Spain, 2022

Origin. From nothing, from emptiness, to the origin of everything we know. The moment when all matter and energy appeared. The beginning,...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas


Palafrugell, Spain, 2021

Noodles, a fun installation to welcome spring with open arms, within the Festival Flors i Violes de Palafrugell. A work that invites you...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas


Manresa, Spain, 2021

A new version of the SABLIER installation. In this case, in an interior space, the fantastic Gothic room of the Cathedral of Manresa, for...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas

Hell, Sweet Hell

Olot, Spain, 2019

HELL, SWEET HELL, is an ephemeral work that unites two antagonistic concepts. A gateway to the underworld, an invitation to the visitor t...

Studio SKLIM


Singapore, Singapore, 2022

The Swiss cross inspires the structural concept of a glue-laminated timber pavilion showcasing a vignette of a sustainable built environm...

Boltshauser Architekten AG

Kiln Tower for the Brickworks Museum

Cham, Switzerland, 2021

The brickworks in Cham, that is run today by the Brickworks Museum, is the only intact surviving handmade brickworks in German-speaking S...

Krähenbühl Architekten Studio

Höhentrainings- und Wettkampfzentrum St. Moritz

St. Moritz, Switzerland, 2018

Das Höhentrainings- und Wettkampfzentrum St. Moritz (HTWZ) hat eine lange Tradition und für Leichtathleten aus dem In- und Ausland eine g...



Nantes, France, 2021

Situated on the public square Place Graslin in Nantes, VERSUS is a temporary installation as part of the annual art festival Le Voyage à ...

Atelier Heimat

Lounge Bridge Renovation

Baoding, China, 2016

The village where the project is located will have the possibility of planning and road adjustment in the future, accordingly, the renov...

Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung

Fair Booth, Eternit Floor, Designers’ Saturday

Langenthal, Switzerland, 2018

The Japanese-inspired indoor garden allows for sensual contact with the product. With our pavilion, we created a space-in-space situat...

Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung

Burri Family Office

Glattbrugg, Switzerland, 2020

A pavilion for joint and individual retreats. A large transportation box is placed in the exhibition hall of the Burri company in Glat...

Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel Architekten

Modular Bike Box

Sindelfingen, Germany, 2017

“The RADHÄUSLE Sindelfingen, promoted by the association Region Stuttgart, is on the one hand a bicycle shed which allows cyclists to loc...

Atelier Frank Dittmann

Infoarena Rhätische Bahn

Bergün/Bravuogn, Switzerland, 2015

Eine spielerische und unterhaltsame Baustelleninszenierung in Preda dokumentiert das Großprojekt "Neubau des Albulatunnels" während der s...

dan pearlman Group

Träume deine Stadt - Urban interaction

Urban interaction, Germany, 2019

Immer mehr Menschen zieht es in die (Groß)Städte der Welt – mehr Raum zum Wohnen, Arbeiten und Shoppen, für Bildung und für Freizeitaktiv...

Christoph Hesse Architects


Referinghausen, Germany, 2020

On May 22nd, these three small pavilions were built on the occasion of the International Day of Biodiversity. This year’s motto is: “Our...

Teuffel Engineering Consultants

»the power of four« - Audi at IAA 2015

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2015

The AUDI exhibition space for the IAA consisted of a 55 x 70 m 3-storey hall with a completely dismountable steel structure. A mirrored f...

Hild und K

Belvedere at Lorch Monastery

Lorch, Germany, 2019

As a contribution to the architectural project “16 Stations” curated by Jórunn Ragnarsdóttir on the occasion of the Rems Valley Garden S...

LUO studio

Shared Lady Beetle — A Micro Movable Library…

China, 2019

Shared Lady Beetle — A Micro Movable Library for Kids 1. Reflection on "Sharing" Though born from the good intention of resources conse...

LUO studio

Temporary Site of Shengli Market — Creation of…

Puyang, China, 2019

Temporary Site of Shengli Market — Creation of Spatial Order The project is the temporary site of an old market, located in Puyang Ci...



Sachen-Anhalt, Germany, 2019

Der Traum vom einfachen Leben in der Natur. Auf kleinstem Wohnraum, aber großzügig und mit allem Komfort – Bad, Küche und Schlafbereich g...

Ian Shaw Architekten

ASRM Future Pavilion

Frankfurt, Germany, 2015

The 2015 Architecture Summer Rhine-Main (ASRM) provided a platform for ideas for how the region made up of the cities Offenbach, Frankfur...


Soft Matter

Shanghai, China, 2017

The pavilion is built for 2017 Shanghai Urban Space Art Season as part of an outdoor extension of the Lin Gang exhibition. Nowadays, nat...

New Office Works

Growing Up

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2019

Growing Up is a pavilion located in the West Kowloon Cultural District. It is the winning entry of the inaugural Hong Kong Young Architec...

DGJ Landscapes

La Flamme de Paris, Olymipic Monument

Paris, France

Ce projet repond a trois quiestions d’un concours international pour la Comité de Candidature de Paris 2012. Comment visualiser la candid...

Architects Tillner & Willinger

Vienna City Hall Addition

Wien, Austria, 2000

For cultural events at the City Hall courtyard a flexible “travelling“ roof - one that could be opened and closed according to event, wea...

NATOFFICE - christian gasparini architect

SEGB - gb exhibit pavilion

Milan, Italy, 2018

The exhibit pavilion for GB Gnudi Bruno works and researches on flexible and light temporary structures. It tries to represent products a...

Caramel Architekten

Home Made

Vienna, Austria, 2016

For the Architecture Biennale in Venice, Caramel’s task was to design the ‘refugee camp’, using a vacant office building in Vienna. Safe...

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