DnA Design and Architecture

Huiming Tea Workshop

Jingning, China, 2020

Jingning County, part of Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, is the only She ethnic minority autonomous county in China. The She ethnic minor...


EXPO Pavillon

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2021

Die Expo 2020 in Dubai, die erste Weltausstellung in einem arabischen Land, stellt von 1. Oktober 2021 bis 31. März 2022 unter dem Motto ...

Drawing Architecture Studio

Chongqing Jungle

Chongqing, China, 2020

With the unique urban landscape of Chongqing as the theme, DAS created a large mural Chongqing Jungle for ECOOL Creative Park. The city o...


Fraport Visitor Centre Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2021

Experience Centre Frankfurt Airport – A Choreography of Flight Paths Exhibition Design For The New Visitor Centre in Terminal 1 The...


Convention & Exhibition Centre

Malaysia, Malaysia

The new Convention and Exhibition Centre underpins the government’s efforts to usher Malaysia to become a high-income economy - it addres...


Glow Like That

Hong Kong, China, 2019

“Glow Like That” is the first contemporary art exhibition held by K11 Art Foundation on the 21st floor of Victoria Dockside, an office to...


Wavy Weaving Wall

Hong Kong, China, 2018

“ An Outdoor Passive Kinetic Sculpture produced by an Artist and a team of Architects” Spanning the 4m x 23m wall of The Park, Lam Tung ...


Seeds of Time

Shanghai, China, 2016

SHANGHAI PROJECT CHAPTER 2 “SEEDS OF TIME” FIELD, SEQUENCE AND ROOMS The Shanghai Project is an ever evolving entity, with the launch...

Fontana Landschaftsarchitektur

Art Basel 2018

Basel, Switzerland, 2018

„MUSEUM OF MODERN ART: ich schwänze die Kunst und sitze im Gartenhof einen ganzen Vormittag.“ Max Frisch, Montauk. Es war eine Stimmung ...


History Museum – how it was. Space and History

Graz, Austria, 2021

The temporary exhibit, “how it was. Space and History,” is one piece of a four-part provincial exhibition in the Austrian state of Styria...



Nantes, France, 2021

Situated on the public square Place Graslin in Nantes, VERSUS is a temporary installation as part of the annual art festival Le Voyage à ...


Crystal City Minds

Berlin, Germany, 2008

Crystal City Mind is a multi-faceted design object made from highly polished high grade steel and matte black surfaces. COORDINATION and ...

MAP Studio

MPavilion 2021_ Lightcatcher

Melbourne, Australia, 2021

The project for the temporary pavilion commissioned by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation in Queen Victoria Gardens explores the condition of a...



Chengdu, China, 2021

Since its establishment, the A8 Design Center has been committed to holding diversified and interesting crossover activities, and providi...


Bürgerhaus Pratteln

Pratteln, Switzerland, 2020

Für die neue Inszenierung der Dauerausstellung im Bürgerhaus Pratteln hat raumprodukt die Pratteln Geschichichte von der Frühzeit bis hin...


Von Menschen und Maschinen

Windisch, Switzerland, 2020

Für die Ausstellung von Menschen und Maschinen hat raumprodukt eine Streifzug durch 150 Jahre Aargauer Industriegeschichte inzeniert. Zu ...


Alserkal Gallery Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2017

Lighting Design and Scenography for a new Museum in the Emirates The concept for this new museum building in Dubai contains a combinat...

Mutuus Studio

Waypoint / Acid Ball

Bellingham, USA, 2019

The Acid Accumulator from the defunct Georgia Pacific mill on Bellingham's waterfront has been transformed into a new art installation pl...

Giona Bierens de Haan Architectures


Vevey, Switzerland, 2018

It’s a car, it’s a bar, it’s Carambar! In 1986, automobile designer and collector Jay Ohrberg created the world’s longest limousine. A sy...

Giona Bierens de Haan Architectures

Dream Bathroom

Genève, Switzerland, 2015

This work explores how far the meaning of “architecture” can be expanded in order to propose a convincing reinterpretation of a common sp...

Giona Bierens de Haan Architectures

El Extraordinario Cine Argentino

Cafayate, Argentina, 2017

The work is an encounter with the magical lands of Salta province in the north of Argentina and is motivated by the construction of a new...

jangled nerves

»Rhine. Reise. Rast.«

Rüdesheim, Germany, 2016

The Niederwald near Rüdesheim is the window into the world heritage cultural landscape of the Rhine Gorge, which stretches across 67 kilo...

Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung

Galerie Mark Müller

Zurich, Switzerland, 2011

A place for art that doesn’t deny its past. Galerie Mark Müller moved near Zurich’s Main Station in Kreis 5, a neighborhood full of cu...

Klaus Schlosser Architekten

Atelier Potsdam

Potsdam, Germany, 2019

Mit der Entscheidung Friedrich-Wilhelms IV., den Norden Potsdams als Teil der Lenneschen Landschaftsgärten entlang der Havel umzuwidmen, ...

Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung

Fair Booth, Eternit Floor, Designers’ Saturday

Langenthal, Switzerland, 2018

The Japanese-inspired indoor garden allows for sensual contact with the product. With our pavilion, we created a space-in-space situat...

Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung

“Exotic?” at Palais de Rumine

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2020

Awakening Curiosity and Posing Questions. What did the discovery of exotic worlds trigger in people’s hearts and minds? How did this i...

Architekt Norbert Müller

Österreichisches Kulturinstitut

New York, USA, 1992

Das aus den Randbedingungen (7,6m x 25m Bauplatz) u. örtl. Sky Exposure Plan9 entstandene Konzept ist dreigeteilt. Untergeschosse, Eingan...

Plasma Studio

Ban Xue Gang Art Center

Shenzhen, China, 2018

The vitality of the cities derives from the participation of people, while the enthusiasm of people is highly related to the openness and...

DGJ Landscapes

If buildings were landscapes ... Exhibition

Zürich, Switzerland, 2021

The exhibition "If buildlings were landscapes ..." designed by DGJ Landscapes will be at Baumuster Centrale Zurich until 12.5.2021. It...

MAP Studio

Exhibition “il tempio vaticano. Carlo Fontana…

Venice, Italy, 2003

The project of the exhibition “The Temple Vatican Carlo Fontana in 1694” in the church of S. Maurizio in Venice was organized as a respon...

markus jandl_architekten

Zwischennutzung Zürcher Zentralwäscherei ZWZ

Zürich, Switzerland, 2020

Die Zürcher Zentralwäscherei ZWZ verlässt ihren zentralen Standort mitten in der Stadt gleich neben der Hardbrücke und erstellt ausserhal...

Olson Kundig

Blakely Island Artist Studio

Blakely Island, USA, 2014

An intimate study in scale, this compact 450 square-foot cabin makes the most of its remote site on a forested bluff overlooking the wate...

Drawing Architecture Studio

No Man's Walk

Beijing, China, 2020

200 metres in length and 5 metres in average width, No Man’s Walk is a piece of public art work DAS created for Beijing Contemporary Art ...

Drawing Architecture Studio

Living Together

Shenzhen, China, 2020

Living Together is a terracotta mural DAS created for the Gan Keng Station of Line 10 of Shenzhen Metro. Taking the urban village of Shen...

Atelier Frank Dittmann

Echo - The mountain calls back

Berne, Switzerland, 2019

The listening exhibition at the Alpine Museum of Switzerland is dedicated to the echo phenomenon from an alpine perspective. The exhibit...

Vazio S/A

Marcel Gautherot

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2020

The exhibition design of the show “Marcel Gautherot: Modern records of the invention of Pampulha” seeks to be a response to the architect...

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