‘Sky Lounge’ Schindler Besucherzentrum

Ebikon, Switzerland, 2020

Als Pionier im vertikalen Transport gehört Schindler zu den global führenden Dienstleistern für Aufzüge und Fahrtreppen. Der Standort Sch...

steger design & modellbau

casa carigiet trun

Trun, Switzerland, 2020

Am 19. Februar 2019 brennt die imposante, das Dorfbild prägende Casa Carigiet lichterloh. Die Gebäudeversicherung stellt Totalschaden fes...

Caramel Architekten

das ufg!

Linz, Austria, 2019

Rund 60 farbige Betonquader in den Farben Schwarz und Gelb zieren den Vorplatz der Kunstuniversität Linz am Hauptplatz. Von „Caramel Arch...

Steven Massart - Architectuurfotografie

LabOvo pavilion at Labiomista

Genk, Belgium, 2017

LABOVO About halfway into the Cosmopolitan Culture Park emerges a pavilion in light gray concrete and finished with façade elevations in...


House for Contemporary Art

Berlin, Germany, 2019 -

Conversion of the former listed Rheinstahl administrative building into an exhibiton house for contemporary art. Compared to the represen...

Vazio S/A

The Other, the Same

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2010

Structured around the theme “There is always a cup of sea to sail in”, the title of the 29th edition of the São Paulo Bienal, held in 201...


Studio Anselm Reyle

Berlin, Germany, 2011

Transformation of the adjacent buildings of a former dockyard site into office and studio rooms while preserving the industrial character...



Berlin, Germany, 2020 -

New concept for former radio station. The former youth radio station with its broadcaster DT64 was an essential element of youth culture ...

Cushing Terrell

Tippet Rise Art Center “Daydreams“ School House

Fishtail, USA, 2015

In January 2015, Cushing Terrell was contacted about designing a building to be used as a backdrop for a famous sculptor’s on-site commis...

schoyerer architekten

Vitra Showroom Ampelphase 7

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2015

Die Sehnsucht nach dem verlorenen Paradies oder der Mythos vom Edlen Wilden Die Installation für die Ampelphase 7 von SYRA_SCHOYERER ARC...

rosconi GmbH


Asten, Austria, 2017

A journey through 9,000 years of history and stories about bread. Anyone who is as committed to bread as Austrian Peter Augendopler and ...

rosconi GmbH


Berlin, Germany, 2019

Artista meets Art. With its James-Simon-Galerie designed by David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin has gained an architecturally as wel...

Röösli Architekten AG

Kunstkiosk, Baar

Baar, Switzerland, 2013

Gebäudeverschiebung und Sanierung An der Marktgasse stand inmitten hochgewachsenen Gebäudezeilen ein eingeschossiger türkisfarbener Holz...

Axis Mundi

False Flag

New York, USA, 2021

“Patriotism is an ephemeral motive that scarcely ever outlasts the particular threat to society that aroused it.” — Denis Diderot FALSE...

Schulz und Schulz

Rose Pavilion

Remshalden, Germany, 2019

The Rose Pavilion in Remshalden is one of 16 stations constructed on the occasion of the 2019 Remstal Garden Show. It is located at the h...


Links&Rechts. Ein Geschicklich­keits­parcours.

Liestal, Switzerland, 2020

Für das Museum Baselland in Liestal hat raumprodukt die Ausstellung «links & rechts – So stark ist deine schwache Seite» inszeniert. ...


Schlaft Gut

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland, 2018

Die Ausstellung ist dem Schlaf auf der Spur: Warum wir schlafen ist bis heute nicht abschliessend geklärt. Noch immer ranken sich zahlrei...


Perfekt Box

Wien, Austria, 2012

Hybridraum: Die PERFEKT BOX befindet sich im MuseumsQuartier, dem kulturellen Herzen Wiens. Es handelt sich dabei um ein modulares, dynam...

Vazio S/A

Paysage de Feu

Chaumont sur le Loire, France, 2020

The 2020 edition of the International Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-le-Loire was opened last May, and among the gardens of the exhibiti...

Bollinger + Fehlig Architekten GmbH BDA

Venue Tempelhof

Berlin, Germany, 2020

In 2008, Tempelhof Airport, Europs largest architectural monument, was closed down for airtraffic and is in upheavel ever since. The larg...

lightsphere GmbH

Renovation Büechihuus

Dielsdorf, Switzerland, 2017

With the conversion of the historic half-timbered house in the municipality Dielsdorf, a place for exchange, festive activities and seaso...

Ingo Maurer GmbH

Torre Velasca for Audi

Milan, Italy, 2016

Ingo Maurer has taken on the challenge to illuminate one of the most unusual high-rise buildings: Torre Velasca in Milan. As part of the ...

Iwan Baan Photography

2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial: anonymous…

Chicago, USA, 2015

Exhibition during the first Chicago Architecture Biennial: The State of the Art of Architecture, October 3, 2015 – January 3, 2016 In th...

Iwan Baan Photography

Teshima Art Museum

Teshima, Japan, 2010

Uniting the creative visions of artist Rei Naito and architect Ryue Nishizawa, Teshima Art Museum stands on a hill on the island of Teshi...

Ingo Maurer GmbH

Golden Ribbon, Seamarq Hotel

Gangneung, South Korea, 2015

In 2015, Ingo Maurer created a Golden Ribbon with the extraordinary length of 13.5 meters for the lobby of the Seamarq Hotel in Gangneung...

Ingo Maurer GmbH

Installation for the Residenz Theater

Munich, Germany, 2019

Installation for Residenztheater Munich, 2019 The Munich Residenztheater commissioned Ingo Maurer and Team with the lighting concept fo...

Ingo Maurer GmbH

Münchner Freiheit

Munich, Germany, 2009

Lighting and colour concept Ingo Maurer developed the lighting and colour concept in collaboration with Munich’s municipal building admi...

Ingo Maurer GmbH

UNICEF Crystal Snowflake

New York City, USA, 2004

During the past months, my team and I have been intensively occupied with the project UNICEF Crystal Snowflake. The invitation by the Un...

Martin Schmitt Architektur

Karo 5

Darmstadt, Germany, 2009

When the new entrance building for TU Darmstadt – a two-storey glass cube with wide cantilevered roof – was almost finished, it was deter...

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree


Tokyo, Japan, 2016

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

SYU Garden

Saitama, Japan, 2016

 A garden that brings together individual people, individual time, individual shapes and colors: this is the idea behind the garden of "K...

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

Tomb of the Toriumi Family, Blessed Garden

Chiba, Japan, 2004

An unusual request for the creation of a tomb for the Toriumi family in Chiba, next to Tokyo, resulted in this extraordinary masterpiece....

MEGATABS architekten ZT GmbH


Wien, Austria, 2019

Geschäftslokal am Schottenring

jangled nerves

StadtPalais – City Museum of Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany, 2018

A museum for the city, an open and welcoming forum for dialogue and exchange about and with the city. It is a city museum in the truest s...

jangled nerves

Driven by German Design

Doha, Qatar, 2017

The exhibition »Driven by German Design« in Doha shows many-faceted relations surrounding German Design since 1945: the links between des...

Jonathan Sage Photography


München, Germany, 2016

A once-forgotten about turbine hall hidden away in one of Munich's old city back streets, the industrial premises has been beautifully co...

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