Nara Kasuga Hotel

Nara prefecture (Kinki area), Japan
Interior Designers
Field Four Design Office
Nara prefecture (Kinki area), Japan

Hospitality that conveys Nara's uniqueness and Japaneseness Using the architectural style and nature remaining in the ancient capital Nara as a motif, Yoshino cedar and cypress from the prefecture were used as materials to design a hospitality that is uniquely Nara.

The pillars at the entrance are decorated with square wood and studs in the motif of temples and shrines, the waist wall of the reception counter is decorated with gorgeous paneling, and an artwork depicting a family of deer was installed in the entrance hall using cedar and cypress.

The guest rooms were decorated with shoji screens with a Nara lattice motif, an art wall with a Yoshino mountain range, and furniture handcrafted by Yoshino craftsmen to create an impressive impression of a stay in Nara.

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