Carrer del Sol N° 3

Pollença, Spain
Photo © Roman Mensing
Map Pollença
Drawing © Roman Mensing
Photo © Roman Mensing
Photo © Roman Mensing
Photo © Roman Mensing
Photo © Roman Mensing
Roof Terrace
Photo © Roman Mensing
Roof Terrace
Photo © Roman Mensing
Roof Terrace
Photo © Roman Mensing
Drawing © KRESINGS
Carrer del Sol N° 3, 07460 Pollença, Spain
Kilian Kresing
Kilian Kresing (Projektleiter), Raúl Zinni-Gerk

Pollença is a northern town of Mallorca that is well known for its lively Sunday market. Other wellknown

attractions include the Calvary Steps, an ancient stairway that leads to the top of Mount Calvary; and the Roman Bridge, also known as the Pont Romà.
A short distance and parallel to Pollença’s Main Square, one finds the small street Carrer del Sol.

This Medieval street is representative of Pollença’s cultivated approach to architecture and craftsmanship.This is also where House N° 3 is located.

House N° 3 embodies all the unique architectural qualities of the region. When entering the building, one notices the comfortable temperature. This is due to the ground floor having 90 cm thick brick walls. The walls regulate the interior temperature throughout the year. Also, distinctively of the region,
the floorplates are supported by olive-timber beams, which give the spaces their unique quality.

During the 60s, the structure was extended by one story, and thus, because of its lower height neighbors, House N° 3 was suddenly given a rare panoramic view of the town.

The house has a total of 125 sqm spread through 4 levels. There are three en-suite bathrooms, a small entrance hall on the ground floor and a relocated kitchen with direct access to the roof terrace.

There are no lifts in the house, but the steps-climb to the roof terrace is well rewarded with a
breath-taking panoramic view of the town.

The south facing façade was carefully adapted to bring in more daylight into the vital functions of the house. Furthermore, to accommodate access from the kitchen to the roof terrace, a small hall was created. This hall not only houses the stair to the terrace, but also it acts as the main dining area.

This higher ceiling space establishes the link between the indoor-outdoor activities while bringing in
natural light to the living room and dining area.

The existing beige tones and green shutters of the buildings in Carrer del Sol gave way to white for both interiors and façade. Only two elements in the house have color, the main entrance door and the stair between the kitchen and the terrace. Both mark the transition between inside and outside with a bright and welcoming yellow.

House N° 3 has a procession of small and narrow spaces to larger open spaces. Ultimately, this procession culminates in the revelation of the striking panoramic view of Pollença; a town we have come to love and a place we have learned to call home.

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