Bugatti, Studio

Molsheim, France
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Rue Élisabeth Juneck, 67120 Molsheim, France
Bugatti Automobiles
Area GFA
3 570 m²

Molsheim is witnessing the renaissance of a legend; the past and the present merge into one - illustrating what Bugatti once was: the pinnacle of the art of automobile engineering. In September 2005, the production plant of the 1001-HP Bugatti Veyron was opened at the famous location. The plant is located to the south of Molsheim in a landscape part with the Chateau St. Jean (1857) at its centre. This consists of an oval studio building and three test modules. The building is positioned on a continuous base, which presents the building as if it were floating. This is where the final construction phase of the Bugatti vehicles takes place. The assembly places are located in the middle of the oval. The front ends are location for, firstly, motor preassembly and, secondly, personnel rooms in the ground floor and offices in the first floor. The test units are to be located across from the assembly places with direct vehicle access. Transparent connections between the modules provide views of the testing process.

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