Wulf-Hefe Gallery

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Werl, Germany

Goal of the project „Hefe gallery“ is the balancing of a fallow land in the city, whose use (brewery) became obsolet with the demolition of ist building.

With the new building the deficit of event- and gastronomy will be compensated. From its micro location the differentiation of the retail spaces structure creates new, external customer frequencies and strengthens the innercity retail structure of Werl.
The limited parcel surface is occupied with a 2-storey building – retails, gastronomies, logistics and administration offices on the groundfloor - parking and technical areas on the upperfloor, Event spaces both in ground- and upperfloor.

The primary structure consists of a armored-concrete prefabconstruction with a wing-span of 10x10m in the groundfloor and 20x30m in the upperfloor. the useable surface after realization of the second section will be approx. 12,000 m2.
The building has a central management system to optimize the control of all resources. The rainfall water is decentralized collected, central stored and supplies from there the watering system. High visitor frequencies are carefully considered and adjusted into a complex waste management concept.

Grundstücksgesellschaft Friedrich Bremke GmbH & Co.KG


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