YTAA 2016

The Young Talent Architecture Award (YTAA) joins the prestigious European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture: the Mies van der Rohe Award and the Emerging Architect Special Mention. With the addition of the YTAA, this trio of biennial awards from the Fundació Mies van der Rohe and the European Union’s Creative Europe program recognizes the best in European architecture at each stage in an architect’s career. By recognizing the best graduation projects of recent graduates in programs of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design, the YTAA will become an important stepping-stone for young architects – some of them future Emerging Architects and EU-Mies Award winners!

World-Architects’ support of the YTAA extends the platform’s goal of highlighting the best in contemporary architecture to include a new generation of architects: those just out of school and embarking on their careers. By profiling the nominees, the winners, and their projects on World-Architects, young architects will have a place to promote their work and make themselves known to a wider audience.


"A Symbiotic Relation of Cooperative Social Housing and Dispersed Tourism in Havana Vieja"
by Iwo Borkowicz
"S'lowtecture: housing structure"
by Tomasz Broma


"Subversions Minhocão"
by Laura Abbruzzese
"Living in offices. The alive triangle of Bordelongue in Toulouse"
by Jaufret Barrot | Cinthia Carrasco
"Living in a cultural environment"
by Claudia Carreras Oliver
"Genesis of a place towards the project"
by David Gonçalves Monteiro
"Brewing Democracy: The assembly of Le Balai Citoyen in Ouagadougou"
by Lorenzo Perri
"Death and Life of a small French city"
by Alice Villatte | Alix Sportich du Réau de la Gaignonnière


"The English Mall // The Comercial Garden"
by Miriam Alonso Barrio
"Bagwall Handbook: An Architectural Approach to Humanitarian Crisis"
by Andrea Chiabrera | Attilio Delucchi Baroni
by Almudena Ballarín
"The Munch Atelier: Common Ground"
by Vincent François
"The reuse of the neglected areas and the rebirth of the city"
by Fabrizio Furiassi
"Greenwich Archipelago Village"
by Ioana Gherghel
"Las Delicias Center for the Elderly"
by Blanca Gómez Gálvez
"Butterfly Landing"
by Maria Cerdá
"Carp fishing in the market of Tokyo"
by Izaskun Gonzalez
"Borrowed Scenery: Miyato Salt Farm Onsen"
by Shenpei Ha
"Linear Landscapes"
by Silvia Lucchetta
"Vallecas 2058"
by Erika Mazza | Roberto Bonutto
by Julian Meisen
"Sand Motor in Costa Brava"
by Daniel Mira García
"A theatre for la fura dels baus"
by Ivo Oberholzer
"Dialogues between city and landscape"
by Matteo Cervini | Eleonora Loca
"Little Hamburg Hybrid Housing"
by Michał Sapko
"Storm surge zones - An architectural intervention"
by Alexis Valencia Cordova
"Revisited Waters"
by João Veríssimo


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