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Launched in 1994 by PSA Publishers Ltd in Switzerland, World-Architects pioneered the online publishing of architecture. Today, over 20 online national and regional platforms represent architects, landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, lighting designers, manufacturers, and architectural photographers from over 50 countries. Counting already 6 national and international Magazines, World-Architects writes high-quality content for Architects, covering social aspects, politics and industry topics like urban planning, engineering or design.

Our platforms are internationally recognized for their commitment to quality. You'll being joining the team to support and expand our continued growth.


Full-stack PHP Developer


  • • Minimum 5 years experience with PHP, including knowledge up to 8.2
  • • Minimum 3 years experience with CSS, including knowledge of Tailwind
  • • Minimum 3 years experience with JavaScript, including ES6 syntax
  • • Working experience with the Laravel framework
  • • Working experience with version control using git (GitHub)
  • • High proficiency in written and spoken English, allowing fluid technical discussion


  • • Experience working with Livewire
  • • Experience working with Alpine.js
  • • Experience working with SQL (MySQL/MariaDB) without an ORM
  • • Experience working with ElasticSearch and/or Redis
  • • Experience working with containers, including Docker
  • • Experience creating CI/CD pipelines and deployments
  • • Experience managing linux server environments
  • • Experience designing and building HTTP APIs


  • • You care about product and user/developer experience, and take pride in the quality of your work
  • • You enjoy the constant challenges and learning that comes with software design and development
  • • You can communicate effectively, whether on video or audio calls, or in a chat environment
  • • You are not afraid to raise concerns, suggest improvements, or question the status quo
  • • You can act on feedback from others and provide both helpful and respectful feedback yourself
  • • You know how to contribute to and work effectively on a distributed, remote team
  • • You know how to research, explore and successfully introduce new technologies
  • • You seek to learn from others as well as share your knowledge and experience


  • • Independent contractor agreement
  • • Full-time contract
  • • 100% remote position
  • • Flexible working hours
  • • You can act on feedback from others and provide both helpful and respectful feedback yourself
  • • Paid vacations and sick days
  • • Paid subscriptions (PhpStorm, Laracasts, etc)
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