Domotex 2017 - The World of Flooring

Free Guided Tours with 9 Architects, Designers and Journalists – in cooperation with Stylepark and Deutsche Messe World-Architetcs organized 7 [email protected] Guided Tours with Stefan Diez, Lien Tran, Réka Visnyei, Dorothee Maier, Sabine Krumrey, Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven, Jana Vonofakos and Thomas Geuder. Each of them showed highlights at DOMOTEX 2017, the leading trade fair for floor coverings. 4 additional Themed Tours were offered by Melanie Seifert and World-Architects. The tours were held in english or german language and started at the [email protected] Area Hall 6 F30 and lasted approximately 2 hours.

CV Lien Tran

The interior designer Lien Tran was born in 1975 in Vietnam to Chinese parents and has been living in Germany since the age of three. Growing up in Europe, she was strongly influenced by Western culture, but still finds inspiration in her Asian heritage. She seeks to combine the features of these two distinct worlds to transmit her unique perspective through her work. After her interior design studies in Coburg and Hildesheim, she worked for Elsa Prochazka in Vienna and Yasmine Mahmoudieh in Berlin. In 2006, she founded her own studio for architecture and design and now works with her team on national and international projects.

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Portrait Stefan Diez


CV Stefan Diez

Stefan Diez introduction to furniture design started in 1991 when for three years he worked as a cabinet maker. Diez went on to study at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart in 1996 where he attained a Diploma in Industrial Design. He founded his studio in 2003 and since then has worked in various fields of design ranging from furniture and tableware to industrial design, as well as exhibition design for companies like Authentics, e15, Gandia Blasco, Hay, Moroso, Rosenthal, Thonet, Wilkhahn and others. Some of his products have received international design awards, among others the “Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland”, the “IF Gold award” and the “red dot best of the best award”. Since 2007 he is Professor for Industrial Design at the HFG Karlsruhe. Diez works intensively with materials, technology and is passionate in his quest to fathom out their limitations. Together with his office they develop products that are precise, yet simple and above all are meant to meet human needs.

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Portrait Lisa Pavitschitz


CV Lisa Pavitschitz

Lisa Pavitschitz hat in St. Pölten an der New Design University Innenarchitektur studiert. Nach Tätigkeiten in verschiedenen Büros in Wien, St. Pölten und New York arbeitet sie nun seit 2016 für INpuls. Hier ist sie verantwortlich für Planung und Ausführung von unterschiedlichen Projekten in den Bereichen Arbeitswelten, Retail, privater Wohnungsausbau, Messe und Ausstellungsdesign. Zusätzlich hat sie den Bereich Presse und Research im Büro inne.

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  • Themed Tour - Trend-Spotting : Trendtable Young Designers & Melanie Seifert

  • Trendtable Young Designers
  • Melanie Seifert, Journalist, Munich |

CV Dorothee Maier

Projekte: Shop und CI für addore / München // Showroom Friends für Bauwerk Capital / München - Special Mention German Design Award Office Modernisierung für LBBW / München // Shop und CI für ANVI / München // Hotel Post Dachgeschoss in Holzbauweise / Aschheim b. München - Nominee German Design Award Office für SAT 1 / München // Shop & Messe für Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund / Gmund & Düsseldorf - Nominee German Design Award //// Berufstätigkeit: 2013 Mitglied BDIA / Beirat im LV Bayern // 2012 AIT INsider Award: "Innenarchitektin des Jahres" // 2003 Gründung meierei Innenarchitektur / Design // 2002 Bürogründung, Projekt: Sanierung Einzeldenkmal K20 / München - Fassadenpreis 2004 München 2001 Mitglied der Bayerischen Architektenkammer // 2000 - 2002 Matteo Thun / Mailand, Projekt: Vigilius Mountain Resort Südtirol // 1997 - 1999 Schmidhuber+Partner / München, Projekt: Unternehmenskommunikation / Akquise //// Ausbildung: Studium der Innenarchitektur in Rosenheim, Abschluss Dipl. Ing. FH Innenarchitektur // Auslandsaufenthalt USA // Ausbildung zur Schneiderin; Abschluss Geselle

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Portrait Sabine Krumrey


CV Sabine Krumrey

Studium an der FH Rosenheim, Verschiedene Station in Innenarchitekturbüros im Süden Deutschlands. Bereiche: Gesundheitswesen, Shop- und Messegestaltung, Hoteleinrichtungen, Office + Privateinrichtungen. Seit 1993 selbstständiges Büro für Innenarchitektur. Seit 1996 Zusammenarbeit mit Susanne Brandherm. 1999 Gründung von brandherm + krumrey Innenarchitektur in Köln. 2000 Gründung von brandherm + krumrey Innenarchitektur in Hamburg. Nominierung | Insider Award 2008. Ab 03 / 2015 Dozentur im Fachbereich ‘Raumkonzepte und Design’ an der AMD Akademie Mode und Design in Hamburg.

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Portrait Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven


CV Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven

Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven | Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Architektin BDA | Studium der Architektur an der Rheinisch-Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule Aachen, Diplom bei Prof. Fritz Eller, wissenschaftliche Assistentin am Lehrstuhl für Entwerfen von Hochbauten und Industriebauten bei Prof. Fritz Eller, Dissertation Orte der Animation, Architektur für Freizeit und Vergnügen im 21. Jahrhundert bei Prof. Eller, RWTH Aachen, Publikation Animation – form follows fun, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel. 2001 Gründung des Architekturbüros reginadahmeningenhoven mit Schwerpunkt Klinik-, Wellness-, Shop- und Fashion-Design. Zahlreiche Veröffentlichungen in Fachzeitschriften, Fachbüchern (Essays, etc.) und regelmäßige Vorträge.

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Portrait Jana Vonofakos


CV Jana Vonofakos

Jana Vonofakos is the co-owner of VRAI interior architecture. She runs the interior design office together with her partner Julius Reimann. They are based in Hamburg and Frankfurt. VRAI interior architecture specializes in hospitality design including hotels, restaurants & spas. After her vocational training as a technical drawer Jana studied interior design in Hildesheim, Germany, earning a degree as a technical engineer in 2005. In the same year Jana joined the team of JOI Design GmbH based in Hamburg and garnered experience in national and international hotel projects for almost ten years. During this time she worked for international brands like Hilton, Rezidor, Starwood, Kempinski and Accor as well as for small private hotels in Europe, Russia and China. Cultural characters and the diversity of the different markets have always been an interesting challenge for her. In addition to hotels, Jana developed several retail projects for customers such as the German confectioner brand Niederegger and the Austrian brand Swarovski. In her last four years with JOI Design she held an associate position with additional responsibilities, including communication and acquisition. In 2015 Jana and her partner Julius Reimann founded their own office. Together with three employees VRAI interior architecture is currently working on renovations and new constructions for international hotel brands like Park Inn and Radisson BLU, as well as several private luxury hotels and offices. Since 2011 Jana has been a member of the Chamber of Architects (Hamburg/Hessen) and has been a BDIA member since 2015. „Every project has its own history that we want to develop further with our body of thought.“

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The rise starts on the floor

The World of Flooring – Domotex 2017

A wealth of new products and technologies from the world of floors once again awaits architects, interior designers and designers in January 2017 at the DOMOTEX trade fair in Hannover. To make sure that you quickly find the topics relevant for design and planning in a clearly accessible way, World-Architects again offers practice-oriented “Guided Tours” of the trade fair in the scope of [email protected], which are this time complemented by «Themed Tours». However, before we start on 14 January 2017, a brief warm-up is, of course, necessary.

Domotex 2017 | Preliminary Report

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