2nd Ring 2049

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Beijing, China
Principals in charge
Li Hu, Huang Wenjing
Project Architect
Lu Chen
Project Team
Zhou Tingting, Julia Tingyan, Mok Wang, Tao Christopher, Gerdes Yu Qingbo
Project Type
Urban Research, Urban Design

The 2nd Ring 2049 project is an anticipation of the final transformation of the 2nd Ring into a greenway that houses all of the cultural necessities that Beijing currently lacks. Our contemplation begins by looking at the history of the 2nd Ring, the present conditions of the 2nd Ring, the environmental catastrophe that our world faces, and the future of China as a world leader. From our contemplation we see the most radical transformation as being the most reasonable: Turning the most polluted, congested, dead place in the city, into the most clean, green and alive place in the city.

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