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Open spaces for young people: teens_open_space

In the framework of teens_open_space 30 projects were created in 20 local communities across Austria. Young people, supported by local businesses, the construction divisions and civic amenity services of the local communities realised their ideas for open spaces. In the town of Eferding, young people between the age of 14 and 18 developed a pavilion designed as a retreat with an attractive view. They wanted a weather-resistant meeting point for about 15 people with a sufficient number of seats and distinctive design, open towards the surrounding area.

The ground plan of the pavilion has the shape of the number eight. The concrete ground plate rises 30 centimetres above the ground, which makes the pavilion look like it is hovering above the ground. “Lateral walls” made of Perspex connect floor and roof by way of a plug-in construction. Its own weight provides the stability for the pavilion. Colourful benches follow the shape of the number eight. Two tables consist of filled and painted concrete tubes. This way the pavilion gets a unique appearance, is clearly visible yet visually protected to allow people to retreat into it.

Karin Standler initiated and supported teens_open_space and developed it into a new planning focus and project for young people in a number of other towns and cities such as Bruck an der Mur, Steyr, Graz and Linz. She accompanied the projects with research questions on user behaviour and on the significance of public space.

About 500 young people have participated in teens_open_space so far. A movie in which 300 young people participated documents the newly created open spaces.

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