Shared Terrace – Badhausgasse, Vienna

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Wien, Austria

Three tenants with access to one shared terrace have joined forces in a single project. What was requested was a terrace planned in a way that would allow a separation of private areas but at the same time maintain the undivided appearance of the whole terrace landscape.

Two plant troughs made of Corten steel run across the terrace in one piece up to 15 metres in length. The metallurgical properties of this corrosion-resistant steel cause the typical superficial oxidisation, thus creating weather-resistant, durable troughs. The corroded layer forms a brownish-orange surface that provides contrast to the plants with their great variety of shades of green. For one tenant the side of the trough remains in its original dark grey state due to a linseed oil varnish. Deviating from the current ownership situation, the troughs were used to create a new division of space that increases the utility and value of the terrace for all tenants. A leasing contract was made for this purpose.

As the dominant plant the evergreen bamboo provides visual protection. Following the rhythm of the seasons, this is completed by decorative fennel, spurge, daylily, iris and sweet-smelling roses in white, orange and red. Stone baskets permeable to air (gabions) let the garage ventilation system that runs through the terrace disappear entirely. The gabion is raised slightly higher so it can capture some new space. The area created can be used as additional plant trough, turtle enclosure, water area, playground or table. The wooden floor made of Bankirai extends the living room into the outdoor area.

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