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Designing process as a dialog.
Producing an adequate project in dialogue with all affected persons means for us mutual involvement and appreciative communication of the counterpart in all phases of the project. We realize, that communicating the result also contributes a lot to the acceptance and identification of users. Architecture is communication.
We feel connected with clients, which oblige to beauty and appreciation for design. Our mission is fulfilled, if the object fits well into the landscape, if the interior spreads atmosphere, if users are satisfied.

Office with focuses on: Social architecture, interior design, exceptional houses and participation.

Social Architecture - Building for childern, young people, families, elderly people, associations, people in need of care
Giving buildings with a social demand a vision and form, tracing special needs of particular user groups and finding appropriate solutions we see as one of our most interesting tasks.

Interior Design - From the inside to the outside
We provide you with architecture and interior design from a single source. In our work we have a strong emphasize on small scales - the interior space. It’s the sphere which directly links to the human being. Be it offices, shops, childcare facilities, housing: We dedicate ourselves to functionality and detailed design and find highly aesthetic solutions. We create spaces which lay the foundations for your activity and your life.

Exceptional Houses - Dialogue with the existing
For us the work with existing building fabrics means dialogue. A dialogue with the site, the object found, the design intentions of previous architects and designers, with the cultural environment of a historic time span and with the agenda and needs of the users. In the case of the new build the site offers a subject of investigation to capture its spatial potential.

Participation - Project-related participation
We create participation processes in relation to our planning tasks. Apart from the client, the participation of the essential interest groups is an inherent part of our planning process. The recognition of needs and experiences build the basis of our design work. High user-satisfaction and identification signify sustainability.

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