Town centre Sarleinsbach

Sarleinsbach, Austria

Architecture is art. Architecture is functional. Architecture refers to nature, culture and anything that surrounds us. We interpret architecture as a reflexion of our attitude to life – expressed through abstraction, sensibility and a relaxed dealing with every day life.

Since the founding of our office in 1999 we are an important fixture in the upper-Austrian architectural landscape. It is our goal to realise sophisticated projects in a sustainable way with a high product and design quality as well as architectural demands. No mass products, but distinctive places which are remembered in a positive way – places where the ordinary life takes place – places where we work, live or enjoy our leisure time.

We construct buildings with the highest possible individuality, distinctive addresses that withstand a critical reflexion even after many years. The great whole but also the details are analysed and worked on with great care.

We plan and build economically, sustainably and on time.

The main projects are gained through successful participation in architectural competitions. After many successful realisations, long years of experience and many honoured projects we are attributed to have a good feeling for bringing room and asthetics in line with the practical requirements of a building project.

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