Photo © Brigida González
Photo © Brigida González
Photo © Brigida González
Photo © Brigida González

Werk 5 Mercedes-AMG multi storey car park

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Affalterbach, Germany
Mercedes-AMG GmbH

The design of the multi storey car park fits perfectly into the corporate identity of Mercedes-AMG. With its façade of black lamella it contrasts very well with the adjacent “Logistikzentrum”. The building consists of a steel-skeleton-construction with precast concrete parts used for the ceiling. The parking garage was constructed over the underlying tire storage. Also to be found under the parking garage are two sprinkler tanks which supply the adjacent logistics centre. An important aspect of this construction project was to protect the environment. To assure that the environment was not disturbed more than necessary, 425 parking slots were created in very compact space. In addition to that, 20 spaces for bicycles were realised directly by the main entrance.

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