Photo © Christian Gahl
Photo © Christian Gahl
Photo © Christian Gahl
Photo © Christian Gahl
Photo © Christian Gahl
Photo © Christian Gahl

Grand Theatre Tianjin

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Tianjin, China
Tianjin Culture Centre Project and Construction Head Office
gmp · Architekten
Helmut Angerer, Eva Lechermann, Martin Möller, Jan Nielsen
Deutscher Lichtdesign-Preis 2013 winner category international project

The façade of the Grad Theatre Tianjin is characterized by a multi-tiered roof construction, which is illuminated by both an integrated outline lighting for perceiving the roof body as a whole, and by rays of light on the undersides of the roof, strengthening the long-distance effect. In any case, what is visible is the illuminated material, not the LED-lines themselves, so that a softer and seemingly magical atmosphere is created.

As the primary material used is expanded metal, an interesting interplay of light evolves, strengthening and softening different illuminated parts of the theatre façade depending on the perspective.

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