Suit - Metzghofstatt

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Walking through Schwyz the history seems omnipresent. There is probably no other place in Switzerland the "typically Swiss" is so palpable in this intensity. The Metzghofstatt is an urban space behind the town hall in the historic centre of Schwyz. It is characterized by the adjacent space-creating houses. The square should be usable in everyday life, as well as at events such as markets, concerts, and readings. The careful handling of the historical material, is a necessity. The idea consists of two parts: 1st, the traditional part: More paths should be added to the platforms, terraces, fountains, and arcades. An extension of history in stone, as a sign of the modern times, which reflect the current needs of the people and is recognized as such. 2nd, the pragmatic part: Retain the approved paths that people of Schwyz have used over the last few centuries. They combine square openings, alleys, and doorways along the shortest path on the inclined plane. In the rest areas arise flat niches cut into the inclined plane as important places of stay. Based on the existing historic paving in front of the entrances, the "natural stone paving" was extended (1). The three niches are fitted with existing halved stones and supported by large polished blocks of alpine limestone. Wild cherry trees donate shade (2). Moving cobblestone rows feature the abstract contours of the incline. They mediate between the elements (3).

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