Photo © Roland Bernath, Zurich
Photo © Roland Bernath, Zurich
Photo © Roland Bernath, Zurich
Photo © Roland Bernath, Zurich
Photo © Roland Bernath, Zurich
Photo © Roland Bernath, Zurich
Photo © Roland Bernath, Zurich
Photo © Roland Bernath, Zurich
site plan
standard floor plan

Toblerstrasse housing estate

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Zurich-Fluntern, Switzerland
Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zürich (ABZ)
BS+EMI Architektenpartner

The Fluntern neighbourhood is characterised by a homogenous urban-planning grain of free-standing buildings in gardens, which have a prestigious appearance and entrances facing the street side. From that initial situation, thirteen compact free-standing buildings were built with a clear street-facing façade. Despite their significantly higher development density, they still pick up on the typology and atmosphere of the existing development.
The expression of repetitive, schematic buildings can be avoided by rotating and reflecting the basically similar buildings. This creates a composition consisting of different volumes that essentially refer to each other organically, with cabinet-like exterior spaces inside the estate. Folded façades adhere to the common lengths and underplay the actual size of the volumes. The result is a formally organising balance between the building volume and the exterior space.
The apartments develop out of the spatial continuum around a central core, with sanitary units and a kitchen that opens out towards the living area. Avoiding corridors creates spacious living areas that can be variably furnished, as well as generous entrance halls. Diverse access and circulation possibilities give the impression of spaciousness despite the limited area.
The buildings’ expression pick up on the homogeneity of the neighbourhood and also give the estate an identity. This continues the existing motifs and atmospheres, concentrating them to create an autonomous expression. Furthermore, the urban planning theme of free-standing individual houses with cabinet-like gardens is reflected upon and refined.

in cooperation with
Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin Architekten

Project competition in 2010, 1. prize


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