MEG Musée d`ethnographie de Genève

Genève, Switzerland

Translating contents in an exciting way, allowing atmospheres to develop, evoking spatial images that arise from theatrical concepts, leading the visitor along a constant line to the center of a specific story: that is the dimension of scenography. The challenge of scenography as »Gesamtkunstwerk« lies in linking spatial design and the information it contains. Design and content become one. The aim of the scenografic »Gesamtkunstwerk« is to create new compositions; a harmonizing dialog between form and content and the unbiased application of the design elements space, graphics, light and media. As a derivation from this way of thinking and working -and modeled after a famous architectural credo- we formulate »form follows content«: the designing of space through scenographic aspects.

Competences: Architectures | Exhibitions | Scenography

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