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Arckeo is an architectural firm specializing in: NEW CONSTRUCTIONS. RENOVATIONS. CORPORATE RESTYLING.

Arckeo is an architectural company dedicated to architecture and urban planning, which is making an enormous contribution to the national and international architectural panorama through its research and works. Founded in 2007 in Viterbo by Fausto Ferrara, he immediately distinguished himself for his works such as: The Row Houses, the Temple of Memory, Casa 1, Spazio Sensiale, award-winning works published in the most important international magazines.

With its multidisciplinary team, the Group includes all aspects, from architecture, urban planning, interior architecture, product design and project parameterization in BIM (Building Information Modeling) as well as graphics and enhancement of historical and prestigious buildings.

The studio has always been involved in R&D for innovation in the architecture and construction sector. Valeria Ferrara, already a partner since 2011, in 2016 expands the discipline of the Arckeo studio also to the sector of Valorisation of prestigious properties and in that of energy efficiency and design in bio-architecture (Superbonus and Sismabonus 110%).

Architectural projects include, Villa M1 for a US client; Villa 1 nearing completion, a large luxury villa for a Russian client; The OMI Art Museum near New York, treated as a home for art; Case Scarsella, five identical but different houses; the Water Pavilion inside the Art OMI sculpture park, with a work by Beverly Pepper; Sensory Space, created together with the sculptor Pino Barillà; The Torre Faro in Rio de Janeiro, in collaboration with the sculptor Teodosio Magnoni; the Management Logistics Center of Aquilanti S.p.A.

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