Yushe Yuzhu

Shen Shen Garden

Shanghai, China, 2015
1. June 2018
Photo: (T+E) Hu Yijie
The project is located at a private garden in suburban Shanghai, which has a splendid view of trees with shade in late spring. By living and working here away from the hustle and bustle of city, the owner tries to seek a balance between modern life and his inner world.
Project: Shen Shen Garden, 2015
Location: Shanghai, China
Design Office: Yushe Yuzhu
Design Team: Xu Yi, Chen Xiao, Xu Junfeng, Li Keke   
Engineering Team: Gao Shantong
Photo: (T+E) Hu Yijie
It's a place for dancing and sitting in meditation, crying and laughing as well as thinking and whispering. It’s such a mood that "when one was unoccupied with business, his manner was easy."
Photo: (T+E) Hu Yijie
The relationship between building and trees is emphasized in the design. The architects tried to preserve most of existing trees. The building is supposed to "grow up" among the trees.

Which is more important, building or trees? Are trees embraced in the building? Or is the building hidden in trees? There is no need to find the answer.
Photo: (T+E) Hu Yijie
Constructed with plain concrete, the building has a raw surface of hand-made marks, which enhances its vitality among trees. Concrete walls of different heights stretch between building and trees to create vivid spaces with a sense of both cleanliness and variety.

It’s a journey starting from entry to the garden, which moves through trees with shade and walls of concrete and leaves the busy urban life behind.
Photo: (T+E) Hu Yijie
The building has three parts for working, relaxing and living connected by terraces and corridors. Those who walk through it could have an intimate touch with trees. By window openings the architects define frames of nature indoors. The owner could feel a variety of nature scenes in different seasons.
Photo: (T+E) Hu Yijie
Photo: (T+E) Hu Yijie
Photo: (T+E) Hu Yijie
Axonometric showing preserved trees (Drawing: Yushe Design)
First floor plan (Drawing: Yushe Design)
Sections (Drawing: Yushe Design)
Elevations (Drawing: Yushe Design)

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